Board Members

Mary Majors - President | EMAIL MARY | 615.510.7414
Mary adopted her first greyhound, TK Kayden, in 2018 after first meeting the breed at a meet and greet. Since then, several fosters have followed ending with the foster-failure and adoption of WW Neon Flash. Mary loves hosting meet and greets with her two greyhounds, pairing hounds with adopters on home visits, and educating the public about this special breed.

Pam Neiman - Treasurer | EMAIL PAM | 615.308.0688
Pam adopted her first greyhound, Fantasy Live, in 1992. She is a founding board member who handles GPAN's financial affairs, fosters, does home visits, organizes dog acquisitions, helps with fundraising and keeps the database current. She volunteers extensively at Almost Home for Hounds, in Nunn, Colo.

Greg Klein - Secretary | EMAIL GREG | 440-832-0345
Greg and husband, Randall, adopted their first greyhound, Ty, in early 2015 and quickly added Briley to the pack later that year. Greg's a life-long dog owner who enjoys having fosters in the house whenever possible, does home visits and is a regular at meet and greets.

Rachel Adler - Compliance Officer| EMAIL RACHEL |
Rachel has not met her forever hound yet, but has fallen in love with greyhounds through volunteering as a foster. Rachel is a regular at Meet & Greets, special events and hauls. She also assists in home visits and foster follow up.

Jillian Howell | EMAIL JILLIAN
Jillian adopted her first greyhound, Stark, in 2013. Since that first trip to Birmingham, three others and a couple of fosters have followed. Jillian is a regular at Meet & Greets and special events, leads home visits and assists in adoption follow up. Her pack includes Stark, Mikaela, Cobra, Ringo (the dachshund) and Brody (at the Bridge).

Mardy Fones | EMAIL MARDY | 615.819.0896
Mardy works from home so she can be with her greyhounds, Cal and Reta, and a cat, Earl. She and husband, Ray, adopted their first hound in 2002. She does the GPAN newsletter, GreytNews, the group's marketing, trims nails, works special events and Meet & Greets, fosters and does home visits.