Rainbow Bridge


Race name: Crazyboybob
Born: Thursday August 2, 2007
Passed: Wednesday May 28, 2014
Adopter: Michael & Jennifer McLain


Bob was so special to us. When Bob first came to live with us, he was afraid of our instruments, their cases, opening the cases, taking them out of the cases. Actually, Michael said at first he couldn't be in the room with a case - he would get up and leave! But it turned out he loved music, and would just lay down and listen when we played. We sang for him today before he left us....

We believe Bobby was meant to be with us! We play music and have become more busy as time has gone by, so Bob has been with Nicole & Tree often, as well as Teri & Andrew Wizniewski (who introduced us to the awesome world of greyhounds)! We are so thankful to everyone who makes this possible!