Rainbow Bridge


Race name: Starz Kindred
Born: Wednesday June 1, 2005
Passed: Friday January 29, 2016
Adopter: Janet & Jim Arnold


Kindred had BIG paws to fill when we adopted him.  We had just lost Buddy (aka Chauncey) who was the big goofy boy of the house, our Rooo King, and I was looking for another big goofy boy.  We went to meet a few available hounds and Kindred, although shy, was the boy to fill the hole in our hearts left by Buddy.  He was incredibly soft to touch, he LOVED cookie treats, and loved to run laps in the dog yard full-on just for the joy of it.  

Kindred was diagnosed with GI lymphoma a couple months ago.  He had lost his appetite, and his stool has not been solid for months.  Janet Arnold, who has been caring for him these past few months after Doug and I moved to Montana, had been offering him any and everything edible for over a month...sometimes he accepted, more often he didn't.  He couldn't even always keep down the food he was willing to eat, so he crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning.