Rainbow Bridge


Race name: Bayou Debutante
Born: Saturday December 9, 2006
Passed: Monday December 12, 2016
Adopter: Nina & Bob Clark


Our very sweet but extremely shy little Deb traveled the Rainbow Bridge Monday morning. She had stopped eating and nothing we tried seemed to interest her. We took her to Dr. Pearce a couple of weeks ago who diagnosed her with hemangiosarcoma; her heart, liver and right kidney were affected. It was a very difficult time, but she let me know Monday morning that it was time. We took her back to Dr. Pearce and got to spend a little time with her before her journey. I am always reminded of what a client of Dr. Pearce's said to me several years ago, "The joy they bring us is worth the sorrow we must endure when we have to say good-bye."

I remember seeing her picture on the website and knowing that she was meant to be ours. She was so shy; the photo was taken of her ducking her head under another greyhound. She came to us on July 10, 2009 as a FWI, but we knew she belonged with us. The adoption was final on August 25, 2009. We loved her so much. She was Evan's "mini-me" We had to say goodbye to Evan a year ago and now they are together. Hug your fur babies tonight.