Rainbow Bridge


Race name: Cleo N Durango
Born: Saturday April 12, 2003
Passed: Thursday January 15, 2015
Adopter: Ann & Watson Chaney


He was quite unremarkable as greyhounds go. He was not the prettiest, nor smartest, nor most outgoing but he was my heart dog. He was totally devoted to me and showed it in subtle ways.

We adopted "Durango" at the fall gathering, September 2007; he was 4. It took months to find his new name but Durango just wasn't going to work. Durango is a name for a big, burly Rottweiler, not a beautiful, sleek and fine greyhound.

We spent years fighting against corns and then began to see lower spine/back leg struggles.

In January 2015, Watson and I went to Chile for a 10-day mission trip. On our return, Ollie was noticeably challenged by his pain and his inability to manage walking without assistance.

Four days after our return from Chile, I let my love-dog go.