Rainbow Bridge


Race name: Sandhill Danny
Born: Saturday August 4, 2001
Passed: Saturday September 28, 2013
Adopter: Paul Webb


Our sweet boy, Danny, our first greyhound, went to the Bridge with the help of Dr. Macherey and Mom and Dad at his side. He developed a limp while visiting Kathy Wilder for a few days. Xrays showed he had bone cancer and we put him on pain medication, but “greyhounds don’t cry” when they are in pain. We did what we hope was the right thing and said goodbye to "the best and dearest dog in the world. He has been our couch potato and had his place on his blanket on the couch. He never laid anywhere else. Gentle and always letting Dearie go first whether to meals or out and back in the door, he was the perfect gentleman. We will always have a special place in our heart for this sweetest of boys, our Danny.

Jean and Paul Webb with River

and Danny forever in our hearts.