Rainbow Bridge


Race name: Danas Destiny
Born: Wednesday January 23, 2002
Passed: Thursday April 23, 2015
Adopter: Bryan & Joann Bingham


Our hearts are broken. Destiny, our second rescue greyhound crossed over the rainbow bridge and is now running free with her greyhound housemate Ruby. Destiny was a shy girl who raced into our hearts with her affectionate, patient, gentle and sweet personality. She was the perfect companion, persistently by our sides but never bossy. Destiny disliked car rides and preferred the comfort of home and companionship of her family, including her housemate Margarita. Destiny was intelligent. She easily mastered: sit; laydown; roll over; shake; high five; twist right; twist left; and, jumping through a hoola hoop. Her easy going nature made her the model blood donor; therefore, saving many dogs’ lives. We were blessed to have loved and be loved by this sweet hound. She will forever be in our hearts. We love and miss you sweet big muffin!