Rainbow Bridge


Race name: KB's Main Man
Born: Friday August 16, 2013
Passed: Saturday December 4, 2021
Adopter: Kathy Jackson


Welcome to Tennessee Manny!

Meet the "Main Main" who, now that he's enjoying retirement, goes by Manny. Manny is a kind and gentle little guy. He's a fluffy cow dog with beautiful brindle spots. He does a cute thing with his cheeks that makes him look like a puffer fish. He's also a "belly-rub-roacher." Manny is very investigative. He likes to feel things out slowly, then settles in nicely. He's very mannered but still lets his fun side show, especially when playing outside or with toys in the house. Manny has VERY good manners, and we've only had to correct him a few times for counter surfing and for a bit of chewing. Other than those times, he has been the perfect housemate. He crates easily on command, and hasn't shown any issue with being crated for a few hours at a time. Manny is an absolutely wonderful, kin, loving boy who is going to make someone's World!

"Hey lady, let me see that ball!"

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