Rainbow Bridge


Race name: P Kay Goose
Born: Friday September 7, 2012
Passed: Thursday December 29, 2022
Adopter: Chris Hodges


Thanks Larry

My foster greyhound brother left this yummy chew on the floor. So while he was getting a drink of water, I decided to see why he liked it. Now if I just stay here he will forget that I have it. It's all good, we share .

Following the sun on the bedroom floor. Must make sure there are no tan lines when I meet my new family.

Stairs part deuce

Well, foster mom can't figure out this video doodad thingy, but the video was awesome. I was coming down the stairs, looking good, and she got it all on video. Sorry you couldn't view it. It is somewhere on youtube. Whatever that is. Anyway, I am workin' those stairs.

See, told ya. Long walk through the neighborhood, nap time. Yawn.


So foster dad went upstairs to get something, thought I would help him. Up I went.......that was easy. Then Foster dad went back downatairs.......what????? I just got here. Okay, down is harder, but I can do this.

Ah....halfway down, not as hard as I was thinking. Every time I do this it gets easier.

Last one!!!! Yay, what??? A treat ....for me???? Yeah, I earned it. Back up I go...... they will always clap for me and I get a treat.....great gig... don't tell them I can go up and down those stairs even without a treat. I am still a little slow, but it is getting better.

Retirement is Great!

Goose has a great smile going on as he enjoys the warm sunshine on this cool morning.

These stairs have been a challenge, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Laundry play

So, while my foster mom was making the bed I was busy gathering laundry. I got a little sidetracked and decided a little play time was needed. Laundry be darned.....being a dog should be fun. Right? Don't worry, when she comes out of the bedroom, she'll pick up the laundry trail.

Did you know that if you chew on just the right spot it makes a noise? So cool.....

I made a bit of a mess this morning with my breakfast. It is hard to me to eat off of a low space like the floor. I mean look at these long legs. .....yep she moved it to the fireplace again. Now I can dig in. Thank you. Time for my nap.

Moving my toys

I decided to pick up the whole box of toys and just bring them to my bed. It is easier this way. I am learning how to play with them not just collect them.

I hear it squeaking, then Foster dad hides it and I find it behind his back. This is a fun game. Let's do this with all of the toys. ...yes!!!!!


I see you there in the closet. Just so you can see that I don't always lay around, I followed my foster dad to where he was changing clothes. The door handle is on the wrong side as far as I can tell. I like to follow all of the people in my home and my foster dogs and I get along great. I love to play outside and roll around in the grass. Oops, gotta run, looks like someone is putting my toys away, again. It took me about 15 minutes to gather them up. Sigh.

Ahhh, nice place for a nap, right Larry?

Okay, so a nice breeze is wafting over us, our bellies are full, my foster dad took me for a walk, time for another nap. My foster greyhound brother, Larry, took the rocking couch, so I stretched out on the new dog bed. Yep......I could do this all day.

I can do this

Okay, stairs are a challenge, but I can do this. ...... okay, ready, set, don't rush me......... here I go......yes!!!!!!! Got it....!!!!

This is Spock....he is the other neighbors's French Bulldog. He is small, but we like to chat through the fence. Foster dad, wanted to make sure we were cool with each other. No problem, big guy.

Little girls are great

Lily gave me the Hibiscus for my collar. Look how handsome it looks next to my dark coat.....yeah, I feel pretty....don't judge. The things we do for endless ear rubs.

This is our neighbot, Lily. She loves to rub my ears and tells me she "loves mr, yes she does". She calls me to the fence to rub me and my foster brother, Larry. He gets a little jealous, but Lily loves us both. Oh yeah, that big Lab in the background in Oakley. He was a rescue too, so we bonded.

Working out

My foster dad took Larry and me on a walk and I admit I am getting pretty good on my leash. We met some of the neighbors and even a little boy person. He just wanted to hug me, and I was okay with that. He was rather short, so we were nose to nose. Just my size. I like meeting new people and so much to see. Larry wanted to go right and I was thinking left. We went straight.

When we got back to the house I needed a big drink of water, then needed to lift a little 5 pound weight. I did that for about 5 reps when my foster mom took it away since it belonged to her. Oh well, she didn't hide it, so perhaps later I can get in my full workout. I helped her make the bed too. Well, just say I kept sticking my head under the sheets and fluffed up the blanket with my paws. Yep, I was a big help. She called me a silly Gooses. I liked that. Whew! Naptime, Yawn.

Goose Just Chillin'

This is one gentle hound. He gets along extremely well with our hound and, more importantly, our 2 Bichon Frise. Took him a while to master the 7 steps leading from our back porch to the yard, but he is now going up and down unassisted. He is comfortable in his crate. Our first night with him in his crate in our bedroom was uneventful. He's a good walker on his leash, although he hasn't demonstrated a willingness to do his business yet while leashed. We'll keep working on that.

Time to relax

Whew....what a day! Long drive to TN then arrived at a house with people standing around with leashes and collars......Yee haw. ..... I think something cool is happening. I was out of the truck last, my foster dad put a new collar on me, walked me around, , then the next thing I knew, I was bathed, had my blood drawn, and chipped. (Whatever that is). My foster dad and mom took me home where I met the rest of the "family". Another Greyhound bro, Larry, and 2 Bichons, Louise and Polly. After I checked out the yard, did my business, it was time to eat and take a nap. My fosters bought me this cool stuffed thing. Wake me up when it's time to go to bed. I am exhausted.