Rainbow Bridge


Race name: Barts Priceless
Born: Saturday March 6, 2010
Passed: Wednesday August 25, 2021
Adopter: Anne & Adam Hornstein


Felix in the 'boro

What a great weekend for M&G! Felix put in an appearance at 100 Oaks M&G on Saturday where he earned lots of praise for his good manners and affinity for children. He had such a good time that he went to the Murfreesboro PetSmart M&G today.

The store was having one of its big adoption days, so there were a lot of other adoptable dogs under a tent in the parking lot. Can you say barking? So much barking that Felix was thrilled to be as far from the tent as possible and right outside the store under the awning with Footy and recently adopted Poacher. It was good timing, too, cause he got to spend time with Meredith Clapp (center) who has an application pending. He did his best to impress her with his mild manner and quiet ways.

Ear Alert

Some greyhounds have great ears and some are like Felix. He has superior ears. They're always moving, shifting, changing positions. Rarely are they tucked back flat like a racing dog.

That's probably because he had 117 races before retiring. With his racing days behind him, he's decided to cultivate other skills like being cute.

Felix Needs a New Home

Hate it when a hound comes back to us. But that's Felix's story. It's not his fault. His family is having problems so he had to go and arrived here with us on Thursday. First day he was pretty bummed.

Crates like a champ. Very waggy tail. Does his business on lead. He's still trying to figure things our around here, but is fitting in nicely. He's going to make his M&G debut today at 100 Oaks and will follow that up with an encore appearance at Spring Hill Nashville Pet Products tomorrow.

Meet and Greet

Today was Felix's first Meet & Greet visit, and there was a lot to take in!

It was a nice day to make some new friends.

The new experience was good, but tiring too!


Felix likes playing with toys. He really likes squeaky ones, but crinkly-sounding ones and bouncy ones are fun too. If you toss one for him, he will try to catch it. He will also toss them in the air himself. Then he usually brings them back to his bed or crate.

All the toys! (Not quite, but working on it.)

Sights, sounds, and smells!

Felix is happy.

He makes the best of suboptimal viewing conditions.

And he doesn't mind stopping to smell the flowers.


Felix enjoyed looking and sniffing out of the car windows on the ride to his foster home. He got in and out of the car easily, and he goes up and down stairs with no problem. He happily met the neighbors and went for a nice walk, followed by a nice nap.

He found some toys to play with…

and sometimes goes to say hello to that intriguing dog in the mirror.

Welcome to Nashville, Felix!