Rainbow Bridge


Race name: CRT Xavier
Born: Saturday November 17, 2012
Passed: Wednesday August 25, 2021
Adopter: Barbara L Miller & Daniel E Feeser



Xavier enjoyed his frosty paws birthday treat. This sweet boy is still a youngster at 3 years old.

Xavier enjoys the simple things in life. A nice soft bed all to himself and a nice relaxing stretch.

Tell me again foster mommy. Tell me what my forever home will be like.

Our beautiful butterfly emerges

Xavier does very well in his crate. He has crated alone for up to 9 hours without an accident. If you have a Kong with a smear or peanut butter he will run right in his crate. (He likes to be bribed) 😉

We haven't had any trouble with Xavier counter surfing. He is very respectful, and oh my goodness can you find a cuter face!

He has started showing interest in toys, and is gentle with taking treats from your hand.

This beautiful boy has just as beautiful a soul. All he needs now is his own forever home where he can really get his retirement kicked off.

Learning the ropes

Xavier has been learning the tricky porch steps. Going up is easy. Going down can be a little tricky. He is starting to get the hang of it though

Right now he is loving this house dog thing. He has been doing his business then he is ready to go back in the house.

Are we going in or are we just going to stand here?

He hasn't had any more accidents in the house. He needs a little coaxing to get him in his crate but is doing very well once he's in there. Xavier is coming along beautifully in this phase of his retirement.

Welcome to Nashville, Xavier!

We are pleased to introduce to you straight from Birmingham Xavier, our chrysalis hound is fresh from the track and EVERYTHING is very new to him. His introductions to our miniature Schnauzer and our cats went very well . He is still curious about them, not at all aggressive. He is just still trying to figure out what they are. He did have a couple of accidents in the house on the first evening. But that is to be expected with his recent neuter and his first time living in a house he just didn't know what was expected. He has done much better today.

Xavier has decided he likes these soft beds. "This retirement thing might not be so bad."

This morning Xavier met our neighbors horses. He wasn't sure what to think of these huge dogs. He wanted to make sure I went with him to the fence to be his bodyguard.

Xavier got a bath today too, and he did SOOOOOOO good! He wasn't especially happy about it but handled it like a champ.

Oh but he felt so good after his bath. He is such a sweet and handsome boy.

A lot of people refer to teaching a new foster the ropes as boot camp, but I think it is something much more beautiful than what I think of when thinking of boot camp. I like to think of it as they are entering their chrysalis stage, and we are just nurturing him in his transformation from a wonderful racer to wonderful pet. Just stay tuned and see what I become! You will be amazed!!