Rainbow Bridge


Race name: Kiowa Ty Tackett
Born: Thursday May 27, 2010
Passed: Monday May 18, 2020
Adopter: Greg Klein


Bow To Your Partner

When I'm trying to look cute, I bow like this. If I'm still trying to look cute, I flop down on my side and raise my front and back legs up in the air.

This picture (above) was taken in the kitchen. I like to be in the kitchen when people are in the kitchen because I LOVE food. I might steal food if it were left on the edge of the counter. My foster parents watch me closely and tell me "NO!" when I get close to the counter. I'm trying, but sometimes it just smells good

The picture below is in the back yard. If I'm on the leash, I do my "business" calmly. But, if I'm in the fenced yard, I like to kick my feet and run around after I poop. It's really fun to run just because I want to, and not because someone tells me I HAVE to.

The next picture shows me sampling the water in the big tall water bowl in the flower bed. My foster parents call it a "bird bath", but it looks like a water dish to me!

The last picture shows me with today's toy collection. I've finally discovered that squeakers in toys are FUN! I like to pick through all of the toys in the toy basket for one. But, after a few minutes, I go back and get another one. I love all of them!

I'm going on home visits this weekend, so I won't get to see any of you at a meet and greet. I still don't know what those are, but I hear they are fun. If you get a chance to go to one, please do and then tell me what they are like!

I'm really liking my retirement, and my foster parents say that I'm really adjusting well to being in a home. I love it!

I Still Need A Forever Home, Y'all!

Ty here. Well, I went on a home visit this weekend with 2 other fosters, but I didn't get picked. If I look a little sad in the picture above, that's why. But I was happy to see my foster family afterward!

In the picture below, you can see one reason I didn't get picked. I am concerned about ceiling fans. I don't know why. My foster parents don't know why. I worry if they are off or on (in the picture below, the fan was off, but I was looking just to be sure).

My foster parents are working on this. They turn the fan on for a while, and off for a while. They encourage me to stay in the room. I'm working on it, and eventually I will stop thinking they are some type of greyhound torture device. Please be patient!

In the last picture, you can see what I do 99% of the time ... I just chill with my foster brother and sister greyhounds.

Other than my issue with fans, I'm a happy boy. I'm starting to learn that new sounds happen now and then, and I am getting used to that.

So, please think about me if you want a fun goofy boy to love you! I love to meet new people, and I'll be at a meet and greet this weekend unless I'm lucky enough to get another home visit!

Hope to see you there!



Ty is adapting to home life

Ty is napping, so his foster Dad is making this blog entry. As you can see from the picture, Ty is a handsome guy. He has adapted very well to retirement and home life.

In the picture below, you'll see him in an odd laying position. He chose to be there, and stayed like that for quite a while. Silly boy!

He's made remarkable progress in just under a week:

- Does his "business" on a leash

- Walks GREAT on leash (no pulling or sudden backups)

- No accidents in the house other than a marking incident his first day. Like some boys, he wants to do this when he gets somewhere new, but he does understand "NO!". He has been called off marking at a Meet and Greet and when he went upstairs at our house for the first time.

- Did stairs by himself the very first attempt! He's a little clumsy and needs to practice, but he did it with no real fear.

- Is small dog friendly. We have a 29 pound beagle, and our daughter's 17 pound mutt came to visit. He did the obligatory sniffs and then just treats them like a part of the pack.

- Sleeps all night in his crate.

- Has no fear of wood or tile floors.

- LOVES to meet people. His tail is VERY active, so don't meet him with his tail near a glass vase.

- Has shown no interest in jumping up on furniture or beds.

- His only fear is ceiling fans. He's stared at the non-moving fans quite often. We turned one on briefly to see his reaction. He left the room. So introducing him to ceiling fans will take some time, but summer's a few months away!

Ty is a friendly, loving, goofy boy who loves to meet people and loves to go places and loves to take walks. Maybe he's the right guy for you!

Retirement is Great!

I've been retired for 3 days now, and it's great! I'm part of the pack here, and I like being around my foster parents and their dogs.

As you can see, I can be near the other dogs. I did a little growl once when I got touched by another dog, but I didn't try to bite or even sit up.

I love to be outside, but I can "hold it" for a long time. Most of the time, they have to tell me when to go out. I do ask when I need to go ... I pace around and go to the back door to let them know. And, my foster parents understood! I guess I'm training them well.

I'm discovering what toys are. I haven't found a squeaker yet, but I do like to chew.

I get along with the rest of the pack (2 greyhounds and a beagle).

I really love to be petted. I like to nuzzle people around the neck or under their arm. I really really love to be patted on my back ... I arch my back like a cat and do a dance with my back legs.

I love to meet people. If the weather warms up a little, I'm asking my foster dad to take me on a walk. Maybe I'll see you when I'm out for a walk!

It's Cold Here!

Hey Nashville! It's Ty! My whole name is Kiowa Ty Tackett, but all my friends call me Ty.

I've finished my first day in Nashville. It was cold, but I really didn't notice it. But my foster parents made me wear jammies the first night just so I wouldn't get cold.

I'm a tall, happy boy with a VERY happy tail. I love to meet people.

My foster house has 2 greyhounds and a beagle. I never saw a beagle before, but I've just ignored him ... he's just another member of my new pack.

I slept all night with a little whining when I thought it was time to get up. I like my kennel, and sometimes I'm a bit coy about coming out ... I like to be invited to get up!

I've marked a couple of times in the house (but just a little bit each time!). Well, I was told that's not acceptable! Hmmmm. Well, this house stuff is pretty new to me, so I'll just have to learn all of the rules.

Mostly, I just lay around like my foster home's dogs, so I'm liking this retirement gig. Real soon, I get to try out stairs. I don't know what those are, but it sounds like fun!

I did a meet and greet today in Spring Hill. I was the only foster dog among the eight (yes 8!) dogs there. But I had fun and got to meet a lot of new people and dogs, and I behaved very well. I like this meet and greet thing!

If you want a very friendly boy who loves people, give me a shout!

Ty Arrives in Nashville