Rainbow Bridge


Race name: Quick Out Right
Born: Saturday March 28, 2009
Passed: Wednesday January 27, 2016
Adopter: Thom & Debi Wilson


It is very difficult to write this note about our sweet, calm, velvet-eared boy. We got to love him for only a short 2 ½ years. Lung cancer took him when he was still so young.

He had better recall than any of our other greys or our ridgeback. He came running from wherever he was in the yard as soon as he heard his name. He went from not wanting us to hug him or put our arms around him to wanting to snuggle. He learned to put his long nose and head under our arm so that we could wrap our arms around him for a warm snuggle.

We’re sure Jack met him at the bridge and introduced him to Quannah. Together with their other friends, they are all having fun, running and playing again.