Rainbow Bridge


Race name: Cry Centavos
Born: Monday May 2, 2005
Passed: Monday October 19, 2015
Adopter: Katy Brandt


Cry Centavos — Penny

Penny was the sweetest, calmest, most tolerant dog I’ve ever owned. She was great company – always by my side. And she was always the dog that got all the attention if I took her out. One woman once jumped when she saw us and then came up and said she thought I was walking a deer. I told her no, just my dear Penny.

Penny and my daughter, Lorelei, bonded when they first met at the Winter Gathering. I remember everyone there saying “they just have to give that little girl that dog”. They were kindred spirits. Even had the same hair color.

Penny was older when she came to us and never was very interested in chasing the many bunnies (she left that to Ophelia) but she loved a good romp in our yard or a hike with mom. Penny will really be missed since she was the “grey-test” of hounds.