Rainbow Bridge






Race name: CG Zoe
Born: November 7, 2006
Passed: July 2, 2009
Adopter: Carol Macherey

Zoeie at the Bridge

Zoeie opened her eyes and saw light – light of all colors. The air was warm, the sun was bright, and the grass was soft and sweet. She wasn’t in a hospital any more, but she couldn’t remember how she got here.

She was alone but she wasn’t afraid. She could see others in the distance – some in groups, some alone like she was. Zoeie felt safe here and knew it was good place.

The sights and sounds were beckoning, and she began to explore. In a sudden burst of joy, Zoeie ran – she ran faster than she ever had before. Butterflies paused and watched. Singing birds cheered. Her muscles never tired as she soared over clouds and chased sunbeams over the hills. She paused to savor the plentiful foods and fresh water that seemed to be everywhere, and then set off again in sheer delight. At night, she curled into the soft grass and slept peacefully. The next morning brought new discoveries, and Zoeie was content.

Then, just a few days after she arrived, Zoeie awoke to see a group of dogs and cats nearby. She lay still… unafraid… curious… and they drew closer. A beautiful white furry dog with a smile like Christmas came first. Behind her, Zoeie saw 3 greyhounds – a brindle, a fawn, and a parti girl. The cats drifted between the dog’s legs. They all seemed to know her.

One at a time, tails wagging, they sniffed and nuzzled her, and then tenderly surrounded her and explained why they were there. Zoeie was to be part of their family now, and she was always to be with them.

Zoeie was very special. Their own human had just adopted her that day, so she would always have her own family and never be alone. She would always be loved and remembered, and would always have them as her friends. More of their earthly family would eventually come – their Bridge family would grow – and someday their human would come, too. On that day, they would all cross the Bridge together. But, meanwhile, Zoeie would share this beautiful place with her new friends, and know that she finally had her own family.

Zoeie was home.