Rainbow Bridge



Race name: Tiger
Born: December 1, 1994
Passed: April 5, 2007
Adopter: Scott Coffey

A Tribute to Tiger

In your shadow I stood,
in awe of your courage,
never before had
I seen such displayed.
Your journey was hard,
for you such a struggle,
yet never a complaint
or a whimper you made.

The lessons you taught in the time
you were here,
were more than I’d learned
in all of my past.
You taught them so freely,
without reservation,
with part of your soul to make sure they would last.

You taught me that life,
though not always fair:
“Is all what you make,
with the hand you are dealt”,
and watching you prove
it time and again
was a constant reminder
of the love that you felt.

Strength, Love and Courage
were the lessons you taught:
“Never giving up when the going
got tough”.
Like two ships in a storm
you stood there beside me,
weathering it out,
no matter how rough.

At the saddest of times
you lifted my spirits,
bringing me out from the place
I would hide.
Always letting me know,
we would get through it,
always letting me know
you were right by my side.

You were my Hero.
You were my strength,
pulling me up from the darkness I felt.
And though you’re now gone,
of this I am sure…...
Your spirits beside me,
whatever I’m dealt.

By Ramona Grove