Rainbow Bridge







Race name: Be Saying
Born: July 26, 1994
Passed: May 17, 2007
Adopter: Ramona Grove

(July 26, 1994 - May 17, 2007)

The sky has gained another star
to shine its beacon light
For Say has left my loving arms
to take his place tonight.

The twinkle when I look above and gaze upon the skis
Is the twinkle I saw every day,
when I looked into Say’s eyes.

The darkness of the evening night as black as it could be
Was taken from Says velvet coat,
for all the world to see.

The howling of the evening wind blowing past my ears
Is my sweet Say’s gentle way
of drying all my tears.

And in the dark when I’m alone fighting off my fears
The memories of my precious Say, will light my life for years.

So when you look into the sky,
please hug your greyhounds tight
For shinning there among those stars is my sweet Say tonight.

Love Mom – run free and without pain till we meet again my sweet boy.