Rainbow Bridge





Race name: Oshkosh Big Red
Born: March 1, 1997
Passed: June 1, 2007
Adopter: Pam Arzu

I will never forget the first time I laid eyes on you…what a beautiful boy you were…it was love at first sight.  I never let you know this but I was so frightened that I wouldn’t get to take you home with me; for I was sure you would be grabbed up by someone else just one moment quicker.
You have left me for now but I will keep the memories of our time together – the knack you had of making me smile with your beautiful brown eyes; of the excitement you displayed when I asked, “wanna go?”; of the little kisses you gave me just days before you left; the wonderful last morning we spent just laying in the sun together – me and my “Red-man” what a wonderful pair.
Be patient, my sweet boy, for one day we will again lay in the sun…together forever.
and your sisters
Delaney and Macie