Rainbow Bridge


Race name: KD Quik Getaway
Born: August 22, 2001
Passed: October 14, 2011
Adopter: Lisa Gordon and Nathan Wahl

Quik was our first greyhound. A beautiful tuxedo boy, he came into our lives and changed us forever. He was very intelligent, and could be rambunctious and goofy, but he could also be very patient. Always an eager ambassador for greyhound adoption, he loved going to meet and greets and visiting the seniors at the nursing home. Quik loved his treats and stuffies and a nice cozy blanket. Mischievous, he liked to steal socks or slippers and run with them, making us chase him to retrieve our footwear. He was also a distinguished gentleman. We were so lucky to find him and his littermate, Elsie. We all shared five wonderful years together.

It's been exactly one year since he left us, and we still miss him terribly. What a gift he was, our Mr. Quik!

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