Rainbow Bridge






Race name: Mohican Monkey
Born: April 15, 2000
Passed: February 5, 2008
Adopter: Yvette and Matt Dzurik

Missed dearly by Matthew and Yvette Dzurik and greyhound brother, Jumbo



We miss your happiness

...as you greeted everyday. From your happy dance - pumping your paws up and down,

to your grin, and your always swinging tail.  

...as you ran and played, always with enthusiasm
as if it were your first run.

...as you greeted us every evening with a silly howl
at the door, jumps and kisses.

...as you were always by our sides with love.

You made the sweetest music of tapping paws, beating tails, silly howls, and clicking nails.  

You are always in our hearts.

Yvette and Matt