Rainbow Bridge





Race name: Oshkosh Maximun
Born: April 19, 1996
Passed: May 15, 2006
Foster parents:
Randy and Britt Phillips

We did not have the privilege of
spending very long with Max, but as anyone with a hound can attest, falling in love with these magnificent creatures takes very little time. When Max came into our home, I had high hopes of finding him the perfect forever home. I knew it would have to be someone very special who would love him dearly for the rest of his days. I just didn't know then that Max was already home.

I would like to thank all of you for being so very supportive of Randy and me as we made this journey with our sweet baby. From the moment that we learned of the terrible cancer that filled Max's lungs, not a day went by that we didn't receive phone calls, e-mails and words of encouragement. We could not have done this without your care and support. Many of you shared your final journeys of your babies with us. I know this had to be very painful for you to relive those terrible moments, but you did it for us so we would know what to expect. I cannot thank you enough. The compassion of the members of GPA Nashville is beyond compare.  We will never forget your kindness to us and to our sweet Max.

Max's suffering and pain are over now. Run and play sweet boy. Until we meet again, know that Mommy, Daddy, Belle, Bob, Dutch and Sam love and miss you so very much.

Randy, Britt, Belle, Bob, Dutch and Sam