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Race name: Heavenly Magic
Born: May 31, 2002
Passed: April 21, 2008
Adopter: Jim and Jean Crow


Dream That A Man...

by Ross R. Whitney

Fold forefeet beneath your chest, incline your head, and dream that a man cherished you.

Chose you above all other siblings, held you to his face and whispered.

Prepared your first solitary bed, but lifted you from it before dark.

Dream that he opened doors, and like a god, observed your coming and going.

Fed you from his palm, smiled that you neither toiled nor spun.

Praised your breathing, hunting, procreating, and sleeping.

Gave you his surname.

And when life hurt more than death, let you die in his lap.

Dream that a man's children made your last solitary bed under a tree.

That he showed them life blooming above.

And when asked if you would wake, said he did not know.