Rainbow Bridge


glory glory Race name: Y Not Glory
Born: December 19, 2001
Passed: October 10, 2008
Adopter: Shae Nida

GloBug -

I miss the way you rub your body along the side of the bed in the morning, begging me to tickle you before going out.

I miss the non-stop toy/squeaky action on your way out & then when you come back in.

I miss the way you woke up in the morning - so happy that another day was beginning & greeting me with kisses. My mornings have been so dull without you.

I miss the way you raise your paw, daintily, when you sit for a cookie. There are so many other things that I will miss about you. You weren't with me as long as I had hoped but I'm thankful for the 4 short years we had together.

Run free with the other bridge angels that will be there to greet you. You are my heart hound.