Rainbow Bridge


Race name: KD Quik Elsie
Born: August 22, 2001
Passed: June 7, 2012
Adopter: Lisa Gordon and Nathan Wahl






We found out Elsie was available for adoption when we were transferring the blue ownership papers for her brother, Quik. The breeder wrote a nice letter and sent a baby picture of the litter, a photo of Elsie at their farm, and offered us Elsie if we were interested. We were so thrilled to have her with us. Her coat was so soft and fluffy, thicker than any greyhound's coat we've ever felt...our little cookies and cream. She was so effervescent and happy. She loved to run and play! You could see that happiness on her face as she ran towards us at full speed in the field. She would go crazy in the house, running up and down the hall with a toy in her mouth. She was impossible to stop...a black and white bullet!

Though Elsie and Quik had a couple of scraps over the years, they were good companions. They both loved to go for car rides, to meet and greets, nursing home visits, and to Mimi's house. Upon our arrival home, Elsie would greet us at the door and run to get a stuffed animal to show us she was ready to play. Often, she'd run and grab a stuffie when we were leaving for a walk or car ride, trying to sneak it outside. It was like she had to grab her purse!

Elsie was a funny and smart girl. We are so sorry she had to suffer with bone cancer. We had to let her go. We miss our beautiful and exuberant Elsie. She embodied pure joy and love.

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