Rainbow Bridge




a.k.a SMA'S Ms. Regal
September 9, 2005 by Ramona Grove

It‚s hard to believe how fast passed the time
One moment I had you, a brief time you were mine.
Then you were gone, like a lingering kiss
And for the rest of my life, I knew you‚d be missed.

How precious you were, such a tiny little thing.
So fragile and delicate, yet what joy you would bring
To the space in my heart that before you was blue,
That would only be filled by the likeness of you.

Your courage was that of a hound twice your size
Still the pain of your past, lay deep in your eyes.
Abandoned, betrayed in your now „golden years‰
The thought of this now still brings me to tears.

You'd not die alone; you would have a new start.
When you entered my home, you went straight for my heart
You would run through the house kind of sideways and then
You would turn, give a bark, and then you‚d run back again.
For the rest of your days, all my love I would give
To a tiny little Ella, you so wanted to live.
Your sprit and spunk, your undying desire
Burned deep in your soul like the flame of a fire.

And there as I held you,
as you took your last breath

You knew you were loved at the moment of death.
Though the time it was short, such a bond we did share
And I knew that you knew it, right then and right there.
And when my tears fall, I‚ll remember these things,
The time it was short, so few days it would bring.
But you spoke to my heart in so many ways,
And I‚ll love you sweet Ella, for the rest of my days.

Love Mom

Race name:
SMA's Ms. Regal
August 16, 1990
September 1, 2004
Ramona Grove