Rainbow Bridge

Ms Daisy

daisy Race name: RPM's Kick It In
Born: October 22, 1994
Passed: July 24, 2007
Adopter: Ramona Grove

The Strength of a Greyhound

With the grace of angels, you moved through this life,
Like the sunlight that darts through the trees.
The sparkle that shined in the dark of your eyes
Was like moonbeams that danced on the seas.

Your frame, long and lean, with an elegance you moved
As if you were floating on air.
Your sprit was that of the noblest of breeds
Always stoic, never showing a care.

You greeted each day, like a brand new adventure,
Refusing to slow with your age.
“Well that would be silly” you thought to yourself,
“Why should I live life by their gage”?

As you moved through this life, taking each day in stride
Your heart was the purest of pure.
And the “Strength of the Greyhound” which lived in your soul
Through your pain, helped you endure.

Now you run at the Bridge, like so many before you,
The pain of your illness is gone.
With the wings of an angel, you sail through the fields
A new life for you,

You’re reborn!
Ramona Grove
July 25, 2007

You will be truly missed for you have taught us strength, courage, unconditional love, and above all else, how to laugh. Run free sweet girl until we all meet agian.

Dad, Sissy, Ammo, Jake, Rocky, Frosty, Dewey, Jack, Mort and Leona