Rainbow Bridge


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June 11, 2005
Bart and Cathy Morris

You came into our lives in March 2002 full of love and energy. Little did we know that behind those beautiful eyes was a dark past.You were classified as a "senior", but you actions said nothing of "senior". We didn't even know exactly how old you really were but it didn't matter. From the moment you first walked into our home and into our hearts, you knew you had found your new forever home.

We made it our mission to make your remaining years much better than the life you had known before. We hope that in some small way, we succeeded. You were a ray of sunshine to everyone you met. Nobody was ever a stranger to you and you always had a nice wet, sloppy kiss for any child you met. Nobody could resist "those eyes."

You lived out your senior years with the same grace and dignity that you've always had. Even when your body began failing, you never let out a whimper and always had a tail-wagging smile for everyone you met.

And now, our hearts are heavy and our eyes have cried a million tears but we must also rejoice because now in heaven you can walk, run romp and play on legs that will never fail you and you have all the angels in heaven to give your wet sloppy kisses to. Till we meet you again, we love you and we will always miss you.

Bart and Cathy