Foster families of 2020

GPA-Nashville would like to thank all our foster families of 2020. We are grateful for the efforts of ALL our volunteers and fostering is a critical role. So many greyhounds have found happy homes because of the selfless efforts of the foster families. If you will open your home for 3 or 4 weeks to a greyhound even just one time a year, it will make a HUGE difference in so many greyhounds' lives.

If you would like to become a foster family please fill in the online form so that we know to contact you. All the food and medical expenses are paid for. These dogs just need the benefit of your home for a short time.


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Barbara Hoffman Ww Metropolitan, Passed Eye Test, Fuzzys Nikki Cox, LK'S Red Sparrow, OD Juke, TNT Fonzie, GS Olivia Grace, MJ Icey Hot322
Chris & Danielle K. Davis PJ Super Trooper218
Virginia (Ginger) WinfreyCry Arizona, JD Tipster, Fiesta Morgan200
Kimberly & Kevin Marsh RHT Harp, BW's Lean on Me, BGR Wally West, GS Olivia Grace, JD Tipster, Volando Cladius, Broad Band192

Our gold level fosters are those that go way way beyond the call of duty. They often open their homes to multiple dogs simultaneously and have had dogs in their homes for over 1/2 of the year (182 days or more).


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Martin & Rachel PyleExpert, Oaks Spider, Holding Controll, Kelsos WildRover, JMJ Losngnoption172
Matthew & Whitney Ball DKC Roxy, Holding Controll, JT's Wild Flash123
Ashley Volk Watering Falls, Davy T Jones, BGR Unforgetable, BGR J Alltime Hi122
Jeremy & Janet SchusterCRT Iris, Par Big Rich, WW strokeofluck, Dirt Diggla111
Meredith Clapp BGR J fuzbuster, Street Sweeper99
Mary Katherine MajorsLynda Carter, Zelda McBones, PJ Super Trooper, WW Neon Flash, Sister, Winning Slogan98
Mardy Fones & Ray WongOaks Shelby, Ava Maria, PCH Dont Ask98
Janet Berka HC Cornbread, Polish Mermaid, Cruiseonbackhome, Lagro Allie Kay98
Mark Hubbard Strike the Gold, Cruiseonbackhome, Yukon Ken, Java Demon97
Andrew & Teri WisniewskiFire Rocket, B T Rex, Strike the Gold, Caretaker97

Our silver level fosters are the backbone of our foster system. Many always keep a door open to a foster dog with very few breaks. They have opened their home to foster dogs for over 1/4 of the year (91 days or more).


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Joyce & Justin Crites L's Frisbee, Street Sweeper86
Daniel & Megan Pentecost BGR Wicked Witch, Dennis Wilson79
David & Linda RogersBlack Oak Gilly, Time For Otto, Oaks Shelby, PCH Dont Ask75
Chris & Shawna Hodges P Kay Goose, Pat C Brick, L's Frisbee, Making Time, TNT Fonzie, WT's Espadrille75
Will & Megan Cammack RHT Harp, BW's Lean on Me, Street Sweeper, RS Mighty Mike, U re My Sunshine73
carrie L Pritchard TJ Ward, WT's Espadrille72
Marissa & David Torres BGR J fuzbuster, Street Sweeper72
Kala Wiggins & Sonya Thomas Saber Honey, Flying Zapata, Meredith MacRae, Nova I See U, Atascocita Jacki, Kirstjen Nielsen70
Dr. Brian K Reed & Leah Reed BGR Wicked Witch, BGR J fuzbuster67
Sharon ONeill Davy T Jones65
Jan & Darrell Pitzer DKC Rock, KB's Curlin, Meredith MacRae65
Stephanie Thomas Sneek A Peek & Step On It62
Micah James B T Rex59
Tim & Polly Hibbs He Ha Stash54
Amy & Jim Rusley Flying Zapata54
Greg Klein & Randall RatleyLK'S Red Sparrow, Polish Mermaid, Meredith MacRae53
Tara B Wallach Arkansnew Castle, Al Jardine52
Kimberly Hoover Little Rocketman, DS Eazy Rider, WW Pounder48
Kate Probasco & Nick Siragusa Dutch Sydney48
Skylar Tippetts Winning Slogan48
Mark VanSickle & Trey Wallace PB Starondacourt47
David & Charlene Piatiak GS April, Cash Seeker47
Amy & Phil HuntHi Noon Tyrant, Oaks Shelby, Drama Boy47
Karen Daus O Ya Sonny Boy, GS April, Bob Baumhower45
Michael & Jennifer McLainStreet Sweeper41
Angela Winnette DKC Riley40
Alison & Brian Warford TJ Ward, AMF Distressed38
Sallie HusseyTime For Otto, Oaks Shelby38
Amanda Kimberly Norestfordwicked37
Thacher Cleveland & Brianne Stith Easy Feelin36
Spencer Hall & Ashley Mott WW Bora Bora35
Phil Dubnick & Carrie Walker Barts Truefriend, TNT Fonzie33
Sarah & Wade WoodruffExpert33
Tonisha & Adam Goins Barts Playmenow31
Jason & Katie Jones Oaks Little Wing30
Andra & Glenn CrandellHC Cornbread, Marianna Hill29
Teron Butler Munch a Bunch29
Justin Davidson & Emily HawarahMaking Time29
Abby Johnson LK'S Red Sparrow29
Michelle Howell TJ Ward28
Nathan Wahl & Lisa GordonOaks Sophie28
Jacob & Darcie C Robertson Flying Practical27
Meghan Beebe HC Cornbread26
Laura Slemp & Matt ParksLK'S Red Sparrow24
Alicia L. Jones & Connor D. Dawson Arkansnew Castle23
Timothy & Wendy Hinton K's Bridget22
Stacy Carlton & Kelly NewtonAtascocita Jacki22
David & Patricia Swetland Holding Controll21
Josiah & Desiree Colborn DS Eazy Rider21
Kim & Ken Hunt Myrna Smith, Sister20
Sara Montgomery Caretaker19
Nicole Ferreira Ava Maria18
Meredith Galyon Wiser & Jacob WiserBlack Oak Gilly16
Isabel Leatherbury & Michael Scott Lynda Carter16
Daniel S Pomeroy & Candy Wence K's Margaret15
Kyle McCormick RS Mighty Mike15
Penny Manly Par Big Rich, Bartsturnmeloose15
Sheila Smith (Hopper) unregistered pup15
Kate Fields & Michelle FieldsCRT Iris15
Daniel & Wendy & John Kovalchick Sister13
Christopher Hunter & Anthony JohnstonRHT Benson13
Deede & Bobby Melder AMF Distressed13
Sarah & Andy Chelton WW Pounder12
Hunter HayesLK'S Red Sparrow11
Jessie Meier Oaks Shelby, Par Big Rich10
Michael Aulisio Easy Feelin10
William Withrow & Patricia Gilmer RHT Harp, She Nose Best9
Jessica Polk Pat C Brick9
Sarah & Hal Bouldin PCH Dont Ask9
Cathy & Bart MorrisOaks Shelby8
Christopher & Melinda Edgerton BGR J Disco Diva7
Sarah & Todd Norris Dinah Shore6
Brielle Campos Volando Cladius5
Scott Conaway & Kelly Myers U re My Sunshine5
Tony Lambert & Leslie Meranda Qualls-Lambert PCH Dont Ask5
Ana Grau & Elaine HustedAl Jardine, Holding Controll5
Etana Bates Fuzzys Nikki Cox2
Lisa AbernathyBroad Band1
Dylan Wells Oaks Shelby1
James & Jaime Winnett DKC Rock1
Tom & Gayle Mayberry Polish Mermaid1
Kelly Daniel Fly Lucky Day0

Our bronze level fosters are essential to the foster program. They usually take 1 or 2 dogs in the year or watch dogs when other fosters travel. Many many dogs would not be placed if not for the efforts of these foster families.

You can find out more about fostering a greyhound please visit the foster information area of our website, fill out our application form or contact us at (

Every year is a new year! The contributions of foster families in 2019 can be found here