Foster families of 2021

GPA-Nashville would like to thank all our foster families of 2021. We are grateful for the efforts of ALL our volunteers and fostering is a critical role. So many greyhounds have found happy homes because of the selfless efforts of the foster families. If you will open your home for 3 or 4 weeks to a greyhound even just one time a year, it will make a HUGE difference in so many greyhounds' lives.

If you would like to become a foster family please fill in the online form so that we know to contact you. All the food and medical expenses are paid for. These dogs just need the benefit of your home for a short time.


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Chris & Danielle K. Davis PJ Super Trooper128
Barbara Hoffman MJ Icey Hot, Sonya, Unyielding112
David & Linda RogersStreet Sweeper, Oshkosh Happy105
Virginia (Ginger) WinfreySlatex Elsa, Turbo Chet103
Harper Lunn & Evan Davis TC's Shadowcat, Flameproof91

Our silver level fosters are the backbone of our foster system. Many always keep a door open to a foster dog with very few breaks. They have opened their home to foster dogs for over 1/4 of the year (91 days or more).


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Justin Davidson & Emily HawarahSimpson90
Jeremy & Janet SchusterOaks Spider, Sonya, Turbo Chet88
Daniel S Pomeroy & Candy Wence K's Margaret83
Barbara L Miller & Daniel E Feeser Stewie83
Jillian HowellFuzzys Nikki Cox81
Noah NeedlemanAlfie68
Karen Daus RCK Crystal60
Kimberly & Kevin Marsh Broad Band, UCMe Jack N Gin56
Sheila Smith (Hopper) unregistered pup56
Teron Butler PJ Lovegonewrong41
Nikita King Duncan41
Etana Bates Fuzzys Nikki Cox38
Andrew & Teri WisniewskiAlfie35
Skylar Tippetts Winning Slogan31
Christopher & Melinda Edgerton Interstate Ten31
Deede & Bobby Melder Oshkosh Kerren31
Eric & Leslie Near Lime Time29
Kala Wiggins & Sonya Thomas (Hopper) unregistered pup29
Will & Megan Cammack Street Sweeper29
Ashley Volk Oshkosh Happy, Abby28
Nick Cross & Meagan Dunn Imark Maxim27
Erin Walker & Dan WalkerOshkosh Happy, Abby26
Zumaya OtaduyAnna, Greased Rails26
Joseph & Kathleen Crump Oshkosh Happy25
Cea Pannell Dingus, Fly Sabre Tooth20
Ruth & Paul A Hemphill Simpson, Tom Cat19
Sara Montgomery Lime Time18
Georgia Sims & Alex Daugherty Broad Band18
Caroline Knieriem & Rich Fickes Dingus17
Teresa & Duane McQueen (Hopper) unregistered pup14
Kayla Harris MJ Icey Hot14
Mardy Fones & Ray WongDingus13
Rachel Leigh Fly Sabre Tooth, Oshkosh Kerren13
David Hood & MARIANN HOOD Lulu12
Angela Winnette DKC Riley, Broad Band11
Kate Probasco & Nick Siragusa Dutch Sydney10
Mary Katherine Majors Anna9
Barbara & Morry Ellis Sonya8
Tara B Wallach PJ Lovegonewrong7
Kevin & Leslie Malkiewicz Slatex Elsa3
Tony Lambert & Leslie Meranda Qualls-Lambert Simpson3
Phil Dubnick & Carrie Walker Barts Truefriend1
Keith & Stacey Kuboske Interstate Ten0

Our bronze level fosters are essential to the foster program. They usually take 1 or 2 dogs in the year or watch dogs when other fosters travel. Many many dogs would not be placed if not for the efforts of these foster families.

You can find out more about fostering a greyhound please visit the foster information area of our website, fill out our application form or contact us at (

Every year is a new year! The contributions of foster families in 2020 can be found here