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Foster Family

Harper Lunn & Evan Davis

Tuesday April 27, 2021

Lookin’ cute and all

Wanda with the fuzzy blanket (a greyhound fav in our house) she drags to her bed even if it’s slightly hanging off and her new toy. Peanut butter flavored wishbone. She’s a happy gal :)

Sunday April 25, 2021

Soaking up some sun

Soaking up some sun with foster sister in the backyard. She loves to mosey around in the backyard-so many new smells!

Saturday April 17, 2021

Baby’s first few days

We were told this little girls call name was “One” which has quickly morphed into referring to her as “Wanda”. Wanda is a tiny little girl who came out of the trailer with her tail wagging and ready for love. She was very curious in the car but did exceptionally well considering her full day of travel from West Virginia.

She has been more on the shy side since she got to our house but has gotten along perfectly with our two other hounds. They definitely see her as a baby and are very patient and sweet to her. She tends to get spooked by strange noises but that has started to change over the few days we have had her. The TV was not to be trusted at first (now she knows it’s nothing to worry about).

She enjoyed being in a sweater for a walk on a night where it was a little chilly. Walking is still a lot to take in with all of the new sounds and sights but every day she’s getting more familiar and comfortable!

She enjoys cuddles and being around her foster mom and dad. She loves to lay on her bed and chew on the peanut butter filled marrow bones I make for her. Sometimes we catch her “stealing” things of ours like the remote and taking them to her bed. She never chews on anything other than her bones-I think she is just somewhat of a collector! 😂

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