401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Barbara L Miller & Daniel E Feeser

Friday April 23, 2021


My sister was laying next to Dad so I deci to join them. Dad said I was now not adoptable and he would have to keep me.

Deep sigh.

Monday April 19, 2021


Rhonda, Cullen, and Xavier forming a chain

Monday April 19, 2021

Two boys sharing a bed

Sunday April 18, 2021

New challenge - steps at the library

First we walked up. Piece of cake. Then we walked down. No problem.

After 3 trips we did the front stairs with 15 steps but no landings. Mastered it. Came home and did the steps down to the lawn. A little slow going down but we got this.

Sunday April 18, 2021

what are these things?

We did thestairs for the first time this morning. I moved each paw for 11 steps then he charged up the last2. Now he is looking at going down. He put his front pa s down1 step then retreated.

Sunday April 18, 2021


From the Garlic and Irish meaning: "Good looking lad, handsome". His name could not be more appropriate..

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