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Nathaniel Seth Johnson

Wednesday April 28, 2021

Handsome guy.

Another beauty shot.

Monday April 26, 2021


This is what I would call a lazy roach.

Monday April 26, 2021


I think he loves this rabbit, he carries it around quite a bit, but sometimes he throws it up in the air and ignores it when it hits the ground. Other favorite is Big Lamby.... he has his leg over his back giving him a hug.

Sunday April 18, 2021

Nash & Tasha

Tasha (lying down on the couch) was a foster of mine last summer and her parents asked me to dog sit while they were on vacation. Here, Nash is asking if she wants to play, but it wasn't her idea so she is ignoring him.

Sunday April 18, 2021

Getting to Know Him

Apparently Unyielding didn't have a nickname. And since Unyielding doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, and he never responded to it anyway... I thought it would be OK for me to give him a nickname. I am now calling him Nash.

He was asking her to play, but it wasn't her idea so she ignored him. He was fine with that, nothing much rattles him. He has brought a lot of toys upstairs to play with. I wondered why and then realized there is hardwood downstairs (very slippery) and carpet upstairs which is more comfortable for him. Sometimes he barks at the toys when they don't play back with him.

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