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Foster Family

Kimberly & Kevin Marsh

Friday November 20, 2020

Officially Adopted!

My boy Sir Volando Claudius.

Wednesday November 18, 2020

Puppy Love

Bonding with the human.

Wednesday November 18, 2020

Slightly confused


or headrest? I can't decide.

Wednesday November 18, 2020

You Got a Friend in Me

Tuesday November 17, 2020


Store bought coat- No

Old cut up sweater- YES!

Monday November 16, 2020

My Gloria Swanson Pose

"Alright, I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille."

Monday November 16, 2020

Sir Volando Claudius

Beautiful big boy enjoying the fall morning.

Sunday November 15, 2020

Sunday Chill

This big boy is so sweet!

Sunday November 15, 2020

Love My Blankie

I think Claudius is more comfy with his blanket on top.

Wednesday October 28, 2020

Sunny Day!

Finally some sunshine!! Foster mom walked all three of us at the same time without any help! We all had great leash manners!! When foster mom says “wait”, I stay put until I’m told “okay!” It was a good day!! ☀️

Wednesday October 28, 2020


I’m enjoying retired life!! I’m a happy and playful boy! I get excited to meet new people, and love my walks! I’m almost ready to meet my forever family!! As you can see in this picture, I enjoy a good nap too!

Wednesday October 28, 2020

Rainy Day!

It’s a lazy, rainy day! It was a great day to share a slumber ball with my foster brother!!

Wednesday October 21, 2020

Saturday October 10, 2020

Not a Shy Guy!!

I always look shy in front of the camera, but in real life I never meet a stranger!! I’m very friendly and playful. I also like kids of all ages. I’m doing well with my house manners too! Foster mom says I’ll be a great addition to my future forever family!! ❤️

Thursday October 1, 2020

Morning Walks!

Hi, Claudius here! I’ve been busy learning house and leash manners! This is a pic of me and my foster siblings taking our morning walk. I really enjoy our walks. Foster mom thinks this pic shows off how handsome I am!!

Thursday October 1, 2020

Getting settled!!

Hi, my name is Claudius! I just came from the tracks on Saturday, and I’ve been busy learning all about retired life in a home. My very first day in my foster home was a little rough, but since then I’ve quickly learned proper house behavior. Foster mom has been impressed with my progress! When I’m not lounging, I’m quite playful and affectionate! I have two greyt foster siblings, and we’re getting along nicely! Stay tuned for more updates!

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