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Friday October 30, 2020

Friday October 30, 2020

Retirement is Cool!

Tress here to let everyone know that retirement is the best! Foster Mom & Dad are nice and I like going to them and advocate for pets & hugs. I get along with Minnie, the greyhound, Jazzy, the Bassett, and even that little furry Dachshund, Calico. I am a very curious girl and like to go investigate all areas of the house & yard. I do great with stairs and all floors. I sleep and eat in my crate. I’m still learning the rules of my Foster Families house, but Dad said he’s never seen such a quick learner. I’m a 7.5 on lead walking, I do my business on or off lead. I am a sweet young lady that with minor training will be a great family member for many years!

Tuesday October 6, 2020

I had an outing today, plus squirrels.

I got to go to Centennial Park today, but I wouldn’t stand still to get my picture taken. I worked on walking calmly on the leash, which I can do sometimes. I get distracted by everything going on around me, and try to pull in different directions. And then ...OMG! I SAW SQUIRRELS!! I WANT TO CHASE THE SQUIRRELS!!! All bets are off when I see SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!

Saturday October 3, 2020

I like a cozy hangout.

Here I am hanging out under the dining room table. Things I’ve learned: stairs are not a problem, wait to eat your food until you get the ok. Things I’m still working on: walking on a leash without bumping into my person with every step, don’t try to zoom out the door even though it’s open. Things I still need to learn: don’t put my feet on the kitchen counter, don’t bark at dogs on the tv, don’t bark at dogs I see outside the window.

Friday October 2, 2020

I’m a sweetheart!

Foster mom says I’m an A++ #1 good girl! I’ve not had an accident in the house, I do my business on the leash like a champ, I love my crate and sleep all night with hardly a peep, AND I haven’t chased the resident cats once! I am a bit of a Velcro dog and like to stick close to my person. I’m a little shy with strangers and I’m not sure what to think about non-greyhound dogs (so far the verdict is NO). I’m getting better at walking on the leash. I know how to wait to eat my food and wait to come out of the crate, although sometimes I don’t feel like coming out. I had my spay surgery yesterday, and I have to keep my muzzle on so I won’t mess with my stitches, so I haven’t had a chance to try out the toys. As you can see from the photo, my coat is still a little patchy and my muzzle is a little brown, but foster mom says a good diet will help. She’s giving me a skin and coat supplement too so I will be beautiful.

Tuesday September 29, 2020

Here’s a comfy spot?

Today, I spent all day in my crate with no problems. I went for a walk after foster mom got home with the 2 resident hounds, but I was too distracted to do my business. Foster mom says I’m like walking a ping pong ball because I’m always bouncing off her leg. I’ve got a little to learn about walking on a leash. After the walk, she took me in the backyard by myself and I did my business just fine. She hooked two leashes together so I have plenty of space to walk around. Now I’m hanging out under a table in this cozy corner. I tried out two different dog beds, but I like this protected space better.

Monday September 28, 2020

I see you under there

There’s a cat under there. Must stare down. Then sniff. Ok I’m bored. I’ll go lie down now.

Monday September 28, 2020

Day 2 report—so many new things!

There are so many new things to check out in my foster home. Last night I would look around some, then go in the crate to take a break. So far I’ve had no accidents in the house, although last night I had to walk around the yard a while before I was ready to do my business. Then a neighbor cat walked in the yard, which startled me, so I had to walk around a little more. At one point , we walked up the hill, and I smelled something weird on the ground, which startled me so much I jumped straight up in the air, then ran back down the hill. (Note: Foster mom thinks I found a little pile of deer poop). After I did my business, I was ready to go back in my crate. Then foster dad was watching tv and I heard dogs barking so I had to bark back at them! At bedtime, I stayed in my crate downstairs with the resident hounds, and my foster parents went upstairs to bed. I whined a little for about 10-15 minutes then I was quiet all night long. Foster mom said I’m a really good girl. No overnight accidents for this girl! I did my business right away this morning. Foster mom was vacuuming this morning so I was happy to stay in my crate while that was happening.

Sometimes I’m in my crate and one of the resident cats comes and looks at me so I growl at it, but foster mom tells me NO, so I stopped. Outside the crate I sniffed the cat and went on my way. Foster mom says I have to keep my muzzle on just to make sure. I haven’t tried to chase them though.

Now I’m out of my crate and I’m lying down next to my foster mom. She has her feet up because of all that vacuuming, so I can lie right below her legs.

Here’s another view of me lying next to my foster mom. If you’re looking for a hound that likes to stick close by, I’m your gal. That may change as I get more used to everything.

Oh, forgot to mention that foster mom was going to give me a bath either hose. I DID NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL!!! she sprayed me with water and I HATED THAT. I tried to get away but she wouldn’t let me. Then she sprayed my toes and that was ok, then my legs (still ok) then a little on my side (not quite ok). We did this a few times until I got all wet but that was ENOUGH! So I’ve had a rinse off at least, but no shampoo.

Sunday September 27, 2020

First day!

It’s my first day of freedom and I’m helping out at foster mom’s record shop. First thing I did was hop over the baby gate, foster mom has my leash attached to her. I’m very curious and want to check everything out! Btw, these records smell really interesting!

Let me check out the trash.

What’s under here?

Let me get a closer look.

I’m just going to lie down in here.

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