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Allison & Gilby Ellis
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Foster Family

Teron Butler

Tuesday September 1, 2020

So comfortable

Not sure which carried the shorts in here. Smh

Saturday August 29, 2020

Stir crazy

Hi I'm Munch. I was spayed on Wednesday. The vet says no activity for 10 DAYS! This is insanity. No running with my foster brother, no running up and down stairs to follow my foster dad, no random running when I think I see a squirrel. I hope he doesn't have more gray hair in 7 days cuz I like to do zoomies in the bedroom.

Monday August 17, 2020

Munch(red collar) with Martin

Saturday August 15, 2020

Meet and Greet Bound!

We came, we saw, we sniffed butts!

Saturday August 15, 2020

Oh so tired

After a very long trip, sleep was inevitable.

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