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Wednesday August 5, 2020

Foster mom here! Easy has been with us for almost a month now, and as she gets comfortable we get to see more and more of her personality. A few things you can expect to see from her after a couple weeks of getting settled:

She chatters when she's happy and it's the cutest thing ever.

She crates better than any dog I've ever had. Open the door and she walks right in.

She is starting to get very playful. LOVES kongs and bully sticks. When she's excited in the yard she does the most graceful big jumps. So fun to watch!

She's never even tried to get on our bed (even when our dogs are playing on it she watches from the sidelines).

She's smart and will be very trainable if you're consistent! If we tell her to go to her room for feeding time (my office where she eats) she goes there and waits patiently, even while our dogs are basically doing the exact opposite of that.

She is a sweetheart, and happiest when she can rest her head on you and get a head scratch, but will be content in a bed in the same room as you.

She is FANTASTIC in the car. Lays down if you're on the highway, and loves to have her head out the window on surface streets. She's made so many people smile and point at her, it's really adorable.

She roaches a lot! (see pic)

She has never had an accident in the house. What a good girl!!

Whoever ends up being this sweet lady's person will be extremely lucky!

Saturday August 1, 2020

I went on two home visits today, and was SO GOOD, but it just wasn't the right fit. If you're looking for a well mannered, small (for the breed) friend who likes road trips and snuggles, hit me up!

Tuesday July 28, 2020

My foster brother is very aggressive with his kisses, but I don't seem to mind much.

I found a new nap spot (I am really good at identifying convenient places for a snooze)!

Wednesday July 22, 2020

We saw a BBQ truck today! My ears go out sideways when I am very interested in something. Foster mom says it's cute, but apparently not cute enough to get BBQ.

Monday July 20, 2020

Recovering after a long weekend of whining at rabbits outside the window and borking when I heard dogs on the TV.

I'm getting much more comfortable and stay wherever the people are instead of following the other dogs around. I've explored the whole house now, but I think this bed is my favorite.

Saturday July 18, 2020


I'm not allowed on the couch (I only tried once), but no one said I couldn't peek over the side to get a better sniff of whatever a "taco" is. They smell like a good reward for someone who conquered her fear of hardwood floors to me!

Friday July 17, 2020

Pizza please!

Foster mom's lunch smelled soooooooo good that I drooled on her shirt a little. She wouldn't let me taste it, but maybe you will?

Thursday July 16, 2020

Today's Lesson: Toys!

I've been watching my foster brother play with his stuffies and he seems to REALLY enjoy them. I decided to nibble on one a bit and brought it into the bed with me. I'm not sure I understand the appeal yet.

Wednesday July 15, 2020

Napping at 45mph

YOU GUYS. I just figured out this bed thing everyone's talking about, and I gotta say, I totally get it.

I even figured out how to roach!

Tuesday July 14, 2020

Settling in nicely!

Hi everyone, Easy Feelin here! Everything is new to me right now and I'm a little skittish at first, but once I can give you a good sniff, I warm up quick!

I like hanging out with my retirement mentor Hero (pictured here demonstrating effective bed utilization), and try to follow her lead.

I have already made progress on the stairs, and go up and down by myself now! Hardwood floors are still a little scary, but it's only been a couple days so I know I'll conquer them too!

I'm very patient with resident pesky little brother, 6 month old Hoagie (although he barks a lot which brings out my strong side-eye game), and I don't pay much attention to the cats.

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