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Sharon ONeill

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Saturday July 11, 2020

Window gazing

Hi! Thomas here again. I love laying by the window and watching outside. Foster mom has moved to a place with lots of trees and nature. WOW! I saw my first critter . Foster mom says it's a squirrel. I saw it and wanted it so bad. I couldn't keep my eyes away from it. I hope I c more. I am very fascinated with all the activity. People, kids, critters, birds. I'm seeing a lot . Foster mom says it's all good.

Saturday July 4, 2020

Lazy days of summer

Happy Fourth of July I guess. I don't know what that is but last night there was a lot of popping noises. Actually, I didn't even care. I just love staying cool and relaxed. Here I am sleeping again. I do that a lot. This time with my best friend Lamby. Foster mom says I can take him with me to my forever home. I always keep him close by so I can keep an eye on him. Everything here is great. I am doing good with the cat and get along fine with the resident grey. All good here. Anyone interested? Because I am very interesting!!!

Sunday June 28, 2020


Thomas here. So retirement is very relaxing and as u can see, I love taking a snooze as much as possible. Foster mom says my teeth show while I'm asleep. So I've been off the track now for over 3 weeks now and I am really liking everything. I really like attention and foster mom thinks I am really wonderful. She says I am pretty near perfect. Smart and good lookin! What could be better than that!!!!

Tuesday June 16, 2020

Beds are cool!

Hey! Thomas again. I have decided to try a bed and guess what? I really like it. Foster mom says I am such a good boy. I have good manners and I take my time eating. No house accidents and I go to the door when she says outside. I love the yard and poop in one spot. That is good cause she doesn't have to search. She says I'm awesome and someone is really going to be lucky to have me forever. Well it's time to go walking. Did I say I'm great on leash? Oh yeah!

Friday June 12, 2020

Toys, toys, toys.

Hi! Thomas here. So as u can c, I am starting to be a collector . Foster mom has lots of stuffies hangin around so I thought I would gather them by my favorite sleeping spot. I am most comfortable sleeping on the floor. Beds are everywhere but I like carpet . Am I weird? Foster mom thinks I am fab. I would be perfect for someone who is wanting lots of love. Are u out there? I am ready.

Tuesday June 9, 2020

Good lookin profile!

Hey! Thomas here. So I thought u might like to c my side view. Foster mom thinks I am handsome. I saw myself in the mirror and I think she is right. So here I am waiting patiently for dinner. We have been going on walks and foster mom said good boy a lot. I think I am really loving this retirement. Walks, pets, grass, good food, treats, and all kinds of adventures. Well gotta go eat. I'll stop in again soon.

Sunday June 7, 2020


Hey. Thomas here just checking in. Foster mom says I am making great progress and she is proud of me. Yayy. The "NO" word has not been spoken today. I must be doing something right. I have been practicing stairs all day and I have mastered the task. Now foster mom is saying "Good Boy" a lot. She is giving me lots of pets so this is awesome . I love outside. I love grass. Eating grass, laying in the grass , running in the grass , and pooping and peeing out there too. I love this place and hope to get one of my very own soon. I am learning walks outside today. Will let u know how it goes. See ya soon

Saturday June 6, 2020

So howdy everyone. Thomas here. Had a great night sleep. Slept all the way till morning. Resident hound got to sleep with foster mom. Totally not fair. I do good in the crate and it is comfy. I am learning stairs. First day was very scary but today I am getting the hang of it. I'm getting lots of pets and I love it. We'll catch ya later, I need a nap. Can't wait to be loved by a forever home. This retirement is awesome.

Friday June 5, 2020

My first day in paradise

Hi! I am Thomas. Just arrived today in Tennessee and boy what a day. Foster mom says I am very friendly and affectionate. I'm checking things out. Never saw a t.v before and it is very weird. I can't stop staring. Well I am already learning stairs and this NO word. But I am aiming to please. I am sooo tired I will get back with y'all in a couple days.

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