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Friday May 22, 2020

Checking in

Troop Troop loves hanging out on the balcony with me and watching neighbors walk by (especially if they have furry friends). He’s just a friendly guy who wants to visit with everyone he sees! We’re also anxiously waiting for Troop Troop’s next eye appointment on Thursday because we’ll find out if he needs surgery for his dry eye or if he’s ready for adoption! I just can’t wait for this sweet guy to find his forever home because he’s such a great hound.

This guy keeps me laughing. He loves army crawling under the bed (partly because I think he knows the cats like to hangout there). I found him under there the other evening and had to take a picture!

Friday May 15, 2020

Hey, it’s me, Troop Troop!

If you’re curious to know what it’s like to live with me, I promise to wake you up every morning like this (but only after your alarm goes off). Yep, I’ve climbed under foster mom’s desk to say good morning. It’s important to start your day on the right snoot...err...foot.

I get to wear these cool shades when we go outside for walks and potty breaks. I’m still getting used to them but they allow me to see so much better without the sun in my beautiful brown eyes. And rest assured, I only do my business outside!

I spend most of my days napping, playing with toys, taking my meds like a good boy, and trying to get the kitty cats to love me. I haven’t yet succeeded on that last one though. When it’s time for bed, I lay down on my mat. Foster mom said I have access to my very own dog bed but I’d rather use this one that I “borrowed” from the cats. Well, that just about does it for now! Don’t you think I’d fit in perfectly with your family?!

Tuesday May 12, 2020

New shades who dat 😎

Troop Troop’s new shades arrived today and boy doesn’t he look bad a**! He pawed at them a little bit but overall is adjusting well to wearing them outside. In case you missed it, these shades will protect him from UV light since it can make his Pannus worse.

I could tell he was more comfortable outside since he was looking around more and generally seemed more curious!

In other news, this boy climbed an entire flight of stairs yesterday! I am so proud of his progress!

Sunday May 10, 2020

Slow and steady wins the race

Troop Troop is getting better at the stairs! We made it halfway up one flight this week! To be fair to this boy, however, they are taller than your average stairs!

He also jumped into the car on his own twice! He’s getting the hang of things now!

I wanted to show how easy it is to administer Troop Troop’s medications! He leans his head on you and is a total pro.

Friday May 8, 2020

Facts about Troop Troop

Troop Troop LOVES my cats. He just wants to be near them 24/7. Sometimes he comes on a little strong, but the cats are quick to hiss when that happens. He’s just a sweet boy who wants to love on all the things.

He is the most curious/nosy hound I’ve ever met. I’m not sure if it’s because of his vision impairment, but he wants to know everything about everything. He ears are at full attention most of the time.

Troop Troop seems to prefer the floor over a fluffy bed and really likes napping in this corner. And yes, that’s his escaped kibble in the crate. He tends to nose around in his food bowl so they fall out.

Wednesday May 6, 2020

Sweet Boy

Troop Troop is doing great with his new medication regimen. It seems like it’s really helping his dry eyes! I’m not having to flush his eyes as much.

He’s such a sweet boy. If you want a buddy to follow you around and help you cook, Troop Troop is your man! He also loves to play, but understands the importance of a nap.

Monday May 4, 2020

Eye Update

Troop Troop saw the doggie ophthalmologist today, and completely won the vet tech over with his sweet self. The specialist confirmed that he has dry eyes (meaning he doesn’t make tears) and Pannus. Pannus is an easily treatable autoimmune disease that affects the cornea (causing it to become opaque if not treated) and the third eyelid. He was sent home with three medications to be taken 2-3x a day. The good news is that he has no retinal damage and will be able to see better once the medications help the inflammation. If the medications don’t help the dry eye, he may have to have surgery.

Pannus is worsened by UV light so we’re going to get Troop fitted for some doggles to wear outside. I will be sure to post a picture of him sporting his new shades! Overall, these are manageable conditions and if you’re able to commit to a medication schedule, you won’t regret adding Troop Troop to your family. He has the sweetest, calm demeanor and is quickly turning into a Velcro hound.

Sunday May 3, 2020

A PSA from Troop Troop

Well, the humans have *finally* figured out the reason I have not been responding to my name...it’s because they haven’t been using my preferred name. To set the record straight, I go by “Troop Troop.” I’ll even wag my tail when you say it.

Friday May 1, 2020

Scary stairs

Trooper will go to great lengths to get the perfect scratch— whether that be you or a fence!

So, we tried stairs today. I knew this would be tricky because we’re not sure how well Trooper can see and he generally lacks spatial awareness at times. We first attempted a few steps outside— he bumped his legs into each one before realizing what he needed to do. He then tried to jump down on the descent. We then moved inside but Trooper wouldn’t budge. I managed to get him up a couple steps by placing his paws on each, but he wasn’t a willing participant. Needless to say, he LOVES my apartment building’s elevator. We will keep trying!

Thursday April 30, 2020

Goofy Boy

Where there’s water, there’s Trooper. He loves water in any form. He’s even learned how to lift the toilet seat lid to get to the forbidden water fountain so I have to be sure to keep the bathroom door closed.

Trooper loves toys! It took him less than a day to choose one from the toy box, and since then they’ve all been all taken out. His personal favorite is a good chew toy. When he plays with squeaky toys, he gets confused on where the noises are coming from— it’s very cute!

Wednesday April 29, 2020

Trooper is a doll!

Super Trooper, Trooper, The Troop, Trooper-pooper. Whatever you want to call him, this guy is an absolute doll! He’s shy about asking for attention, but once you start loving on him he just closes his eyes and melts into you.

Trooper is the best gentleman when it comes to caring for his eyes. Right now, I am wiping them clean with a baby wipe at least every four hours during the day (more often if it warrants it) and applying GenTeal eye ointment (an inexpensive OTC product). I think he would lay in my lap to do this if I let him. The eye specialist may suggest a different routine, but it works for now!

Tuesday April 28, 2020

Getting the hang of things...

Trooper has been settling in wonderfully! He’s still figuring out the bed situation but if he’s happy, foster mom is happy. The first night he was very restless and didn’t sleep much, but he’s becoming a great sleeper and doesn’t wake foster mom up!

Trooper loves walks and definitely does not understand social distancing. He managed to say hello to some nice people, including children (which he did great with!). He does great on leash but due to his eyesight, he tends to bump into the resident hound quite often (even when not on leash). If he were to be adopted as a second hound, the resident hound must be tolerant of this.

As you can see, Trooper doesn’t mind hard surfaces one bit! He did have an incident where he slipped getting up and let out a “greyhound scream of death” but that didn’t stop him. He also has excellent house manners and hasn’t marked inside. We plan to tackle stairs this week!

Monday April 27, 2020

What a Trooper!

Trooper arrived in Nashville on Thursday and has had a busy few days! He went to the vet and had a bath, and was a total champ.

As you can see, he made himself right at home. He accepted a thorough inspection by the resident hound without issue and met the resident felines (and while interested, he kept a respectable distance).

Resident feline Phoebe runs the show and Trooper was happy to oblige. He prefers neck and ear scratches from foster mom anyway.

It’s important to know that Trooper has limited vision due to a chronic eye condition that requires daily treatment. He has an appointment with the eye specialist soon so I’ll update the blog as soon as we know more but don’t let this scare you! He’s just as curious as any other hound (maybe even more so!) and gets along fine (he does tend to bump into things along the way though). He’s truly been a wonderful house guest these past couple of days.

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