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Foster Family

David & Linda Rogers

Saturday April 25, 2020

Saturday update from Otto

I love going on walks at Shelby Bottoms! The drive over is cool and I do great walking on a leash. Yesterday we saw two baby deer and their mother. I was interested but stood very quietly while they crossed the path right in front of us.

My foster family says that I’m a little shy, but very brave about trying new things and I adore hugs, snuggles and love!

Life is good!

Wednesday April 1, 2020

I don’t need no stinky bed. All I want is a pillow!

Tuesday March 31, 2020

Otto loves stuffies and cookie time

Otto has a very quiet and calm demeanor and is happiest observing his new surroundings from the comfort of his fluffy bed. He’s great with the deck stairs and had fun exploring our backyard with his resident greyhound buddies.

He handled his bath just fine and didn’t blink an eye during the recent thunderstorm.

Riding in the car is a great treat and he enjoyed walking the trail at Shelby Bottoms. He’s learning about walking on a leash and doesn’t pull at all.

It’s so much fun to watch him relax and enjoy what we all take for granted… especially STUFFIES and COOKIE TIME!

Saturday March 28, 2020

Otto’s first days

Otto is a great pup. He sleeps through the night and has had zero potty issues. He and our two pups get along great with no posturing. At this point it seems that he has a very calm demeanor and already has a happy, wagging tail at times!

Stay tuned for updates on this sweet pup!

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