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Thursday February 4, 2021

The tennis ball is mine!

Who cares if Berry has the furry blankie? I have possession of the tennis ball! Mwahahaha!

Sunday January 31, 2021

Just another nap before bedtime

As a dear friend said... he’s a spawler!

Sunday January 31, 2021

Nap time...

Nap time is always better with a blankie.

T-Bone loves his nap times and sleeps great at night.

We love the little smile on his face when he sleeps!

Saturday January 30, 2021

Yoga Time

Hello T-Bone! Lovely flexibility you have there! He is so excited about this bed! It must have some lovely smells.

Flexibility is just one of T-Bones’ gifts. He also LOVES beef tracheas and ate a small bite of apple. Bon appetit!!

Tuesday December 29, 2020


I love me some toys! I love to squeak them and toss them in the air.

Saturday August 1, 2020

Fun times with my squeaky ball

Friday July 31, 2020

Kind of missed the bed

Tuesday July 28, 2020

Here we go!

I’m pretty sure we are going for a walk when when he comes out.

Tuesday July 28, 2020

Monday July 27, 2020

Working out! Maybe not 🥴

So I thinking about working out today.....but, I’m having second thoughts 😒

Tuesday July 21, 2020


I’m hiding, pretty sure they can’t see me 😁

Friday July 17, 2020

Hanging with my friends

Just running around with the gang, my turn to bring the ball back, one or two trips and it’s back to the A/C, retirement is great !

Wednesday July 8, 2020

Teeth brushing

Got my teeth brushed today and I did really good!

Tuesday July 7, 2020

Loving summer!

T-Bone here, hanging with some new fosters and resident hounds. We are all getting along really well, I got on the couch a few times but a firm reminder and I redirected like a pro. No worries with hardwood floors or steps, really enjoy walks with the family with no issues. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but I’m pretty cool if you ask me. 😂

Monday June 15, 2020

New Adventures

Hi there! I’m settling into a new foster family and so far I like the place! They have a yard for me to relax in and another greyhound to keep me company. I don’t interact with her a ton, but just her being around makes me feel safe.

Here are some traits my foster family has noticed in the first couple of days:

-I’m a little protective (in a good way)! I like to know that my humans are safe. I’m totally fine being in a room by myself- I just want to check that they are still here every once in awhile. I will be a very loyal pup to my forever family.

-I like to lay down on mats and rugs nearby, just to keep an eye out. That’s me, chilling in the kitchen hallway but not bothering the chefs!

-I have a BEAUTIFUL black shiny coat.

-look into my pretty brown eyes. I know, you’re in love with me already!

I am a very long boy!

Some things my foster fam is helping me with are: separation anxiety, staying calm when visitors come over, feeling safe in my crate.

I’m very chill when everyone is around, but if my human leaves I get upset. But come on- I’ve been moved around a lot and I just want to know my humans will come back! They are doing separation anxiety exercises for me and I think I’ll feel better about it soon.

I’m super laid back, but when someone new comes in I get so excited! A new friend! But I forget that I am a long boy so they are also helping me stay calm.

For some reason I have negative associations with my crate. But as soon as I saw my foster sister go into it, I realized it’s not that bad. I’m starting to enjoy it and go in on my own during the day!

I like to smile!

I am a very good boy and my foster family thinks you’d be lucky to have me!

I’m comfortable laying on the carpet right in front of my human’s couch- I told you I’m protective!

Monday April 6, 2020

TBone the Travelling Tourist

I'm a boy on the move! Who wouldn't want to go with this sweet face?

I love seeing everything outside and inside! I think the park is great, but there's a lot to see in the yard too!

I've seen a couple of squirrels I'd like to chase, but I guess it's ok to just watch...

Is that a rabbit?

I can fetch and drop it!

It doesn't take a lot to entertain me!

I love to ride in the car - hey baby - I'm ready for my close up!

I love to hear you whistle and will come to find you! If I need to go out, or think something's amiss, I may bark just to let you know.

I really love relaxing and balling up is fun! I'm such a good boy and I'm dreaming of my forever family!

Saturday March 28, 2020

Lovin' the New Lifestyle

Hi! TBone, better known at the track as Street Sweeper, will make a great family member!

He’s very calm, even tempered & sometimes leans on his people and follows them around. He’s very interested in new things and quite nosy! He discovered his food bag, pulled the clip off the top… Luckily his plan was foiled before his great food caper came to fruition!

TBone’s decided he’s a big fan of peanut butter and loves to work on a Kong! He tried to counter surf once but immediately stopped when told no. He’s very interested in the kitchen but will walk away when told “Out.” Also, he does Not seem to have food aggression with people.

He’s had no problems with pottying on leash and NO accidents in the house! The house has hardwood, and he walked in just like a pro. Sometimes he slips a little, but he doesn’t let that hold him back.

TBone shot up wooden basement steps without much effort, but coming down… Well – he’s made it down 2 steps so far. When walking, he tends to pull on his leash but is improving – his heeling is coming along!

He loves to be brushed & groomed, and didn’t mind getting a bath! His skin is dry and he works to scratch or bite it, but we’re working on this.

TBone’s people can see a twinkling of play in him, but he’s still mostly hiding this talent. He has yet to be interested in stuffies – the verdict is still out.

He is an only dog with his foster family, and it seems that he would be fine with this scenario. FYI - He likes to be sung to and doesn’t mind if you want to play instruments for him too.

His superpower of sleeping was not interrupted in the least by FaceTime going on right beside of him.

Yesterday, a security alarm was accidentally set off in the car, but he was unfazed and didn’t let it break his cool. When he returned home he crawled through to the front seat to get out. Then, he jumped back in the car, and sat down on his bottom in the driver’s seat! (I wish I had a pic!!) He is almost 4, so 20 something in human years. He must be ready for his license!

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