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Wednesday April 15, 2020

Dog Log: Day 7

Hi Guys - Cornbread here. It's been a week since I got to this new foster home, and it's been going pretty well so far.

Sorry I haven't been blogging as often. I've been sleeping a lot since I got here since the foster parents wear me out with trying to train me. I almost have "come" down pat, and I know my name pretty well - at least when I want to. I'm really good at "place" and "lay down" when the rents want me to be calm while they work from home during the day.

I'm an excellent foster sister to the two resident tiny dogs. I don't bother them at all other than the occasional sniff. We even go out into the backyard together, and I go about my own business out there. That's me laying down in the background, after I did some zoomies in the backyard.

I like zoomies a lot, but the foster parents took me on a 20 minute walk around the block on a warmer day and I had to let the ol' undercarriage air out after that. I was worn out. Foster Mom takes me on a walk every morning and my leash manners are getting much better.

I'm pretty good at riding in cars too. It took me a minute to get my sea (car) legs, but then I just laid down and napped until we got home.

The worst part of this whole experience was when they put a fake pat of butter on me and took pictures. I felt a little cheap after that, and wasn't sure if I was a dog or a delicious baked good. I did get a lot of treats for being a good sport about it.

I'll check back in a few days with more updates on how good of a girl I am. Until then I'll be looking at the foster parents with this face to get extra helpings of treats.

Tuesday April 7, 2020

no words necessary

Tuesday April 7, 2020

Saturday April 4, 2020

She is very good at sitting and if you startin petting her while she is sitting she will lay down on your feet and roll over for a belly rub.

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