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Thursday January 21, 2021

Sweet Nikki

Nikki is back with us, available for adoption. Nikki is a GOOD girl. She is very sweet & affectionate just as one would expect from a greyhound, but in some ways she is different.

While Nikki is happy to hang out on the sofa with you and give you all the snuggles sometimes - sometimes she is just ready to GO. She can get into things. She's curious. She's active. If she's under stimulated or hasn't burnt off enough steam that seems to manifest as nervous energy with whining, barking and pacing. Simply put - I think she's bored.

All that being said, Nikki does best with more exercise than the average greyhound. A fenced yard doesn't seem to be enough for her. It could just be the weather, but she tends to go out, potty, and come right back in. So far, we have either been RUNNING one mile or walking 2 miles every day. She seems pretty happy with that (though she has the energy to do more), and much more settled. Don't let her gray face fool you. She may be going on 8, but she has just as much stamina as my 2 year old greyhound.

The weather will be rough the next few days, so we will likely try to switch our focus to psychological stimulation over the next few days until things clear up. So far she seems to understand "lay down" and understands to go to whichever space on the sofa/bed that you point to. We'll try some other simple commands next, and maybe some puzzle toys.

On small animals - Nikki does well with my small dog, but the cat is a work in progress. It is manageable for me with my level of experience cat testing and correcting through sourcing at the racetrack, but I wouldn't advise it for most others.

If you are looking for a typical, laid back senior, at this time, I don't think Nikki is the dog for you. She simply doesn't act her age. However, if you are open to an older dog, and lead an active lifestyle, Nikki could be your perfect girl. Based on her personality and energy level, I think she could be a great hiking buddy or pet therapy candidate.

Tuesday January 5, 2021


Nikki waiting to go outside.. she enjoys slower walks and usually doesn’t want to come back inside once outside but can you blame her!

Sunday January 3, 2021


Nikki feeling very cozy on her bed near housemate Gator!

Wednesday August 26, 2020


This little girl stood like this for about 25 minutes. She had spotted a squirrel running across the top of the fence and into a nearby tree. The squirrel was staring back. I also think she was calculating whether she could jump the fence.

She doesn't play a lot with her toys, but loves using them as pillows. Happy faces.

She will stare at me like this until I realize it is time for her dinner.

Nikki wanted an artistic photo that would really attract attention because she is ready to settle into her forever home.

Friday August 7, 2020

Road Trip in the garage?

Not a great photo, but this is the back seat of my car. Nikki hopped in without an invitation, which made me happy because the first time I had to bully her to get in. So, this time she got in on her own, but then refused to get out! Even favorite treats didn't work. The car was in the garage and it wasn't very hot so I decided to leave her alone to mull over her options. Eventually I attached her leash and tugged her out. No hard feelings.

Friday August 7, 2020

Knows more neighbors than I do!

I will try to post more pix of Nikki & her neighbors. I tend to forget when she is socializing.

She is such a good girl. When she wants me to get up in the morning, she whines very softly. So sweet!

She has made friends with a very shy toddler named Zuri. Zuri was very afraid at first, but with some help from her Dad she gave Nikki a few pets. She is still cautious, but waits with Mom & Dad on her porch in the evening for Nikki to stop by.

Monday July 20, 2020

Nikki, Kimble & Farley

Kimble, my daughter-in-law, brought Farley over for a play date with Nikki.

I don't know whether Nikki just kicked all the toys out of her bed because she wanted the space, or if she arranged them in front of her bed as protection from interlopers.

Thursday July 16, 2020


I know they love to roach and it is supposed to mean they feel safe, but it doesn't look comfortable to me. At least she is all on the bed.

She has conquered going down the stairs. Still can use some encouragement with happy cheers when she safely reaches the bottom. One time she jumped the last 5 steps which scared both of us. I'm convincing her to slow down and not rush her dismount.

All of my fosters have loved my son. This visit Nikki stayed just like this for about 45 minutes. She gave him a few nudges if he forgot he was supposed to be petting her.

She must be having a nice dream.

Tuesday July 7, 2020

Sweet Girl

Nikki likes to use lamby as a pillow. She hasn't played with stuffies yet, but she may in the future. She is recovering from her bout with worms.

It took Nikki a few days to decide to venture upstairs. But that's where my bedroom is and I think she decided I needed a wake-up call and up she came... a cold nose on my leg got my attention. She had a much harder time coming down the stairs, but with some coaxing she made it down.

This is Nikki looking slightly annoyed at the noise the fireworks were making. She went right back to sleep with no problem. She didn't even mind the noise when we were out walking in the neighborhood.

Nikki can walk on hardwood floors, go up and down carpeted steps (don't know about wood steps) walk OK on a leash, and be friendly to all. She has put her nose up to the edge of the kitchen counter, but hasn't tried to take anything. A firm "no" will stop her from whatever she is doing if it is not acceptable behavior. She is an all-around great hound!

Friday July 3, 2020

Feeling at Home

Nikki here. Hey!! Somebody is at the door. I love company. They aren't supposed to give me treats, but I'll take petting instead. I've only been here 6 days, but I'm getting the hang of things. I haven't gone upstairs yet, but one of these days I'll give it a try.

Nikki hasn't been feeling great. She has worms, which is not unusual for greyhounds off the track. But, causes diarrhea and lethargy and a somewhat sad pup. Mardy from GPA has provided medication from the vet and I think she will be feeling better very soon. I give Nikki lots of credit for not having any potty accidents in spite of the diarrhea.

Monday June 29, 2020

Settling In

Nikki is friendly to all and is making friends easily. She enjoys walking through the neighborhood and wants to stop and greet everyone. She keeps a close eye on her lamby.

I'm not sure what fashion statement she is trying to make, but she looks very cute. And, it appears she is keeping the bunny away from her creation with her leg.

Saturday June 27, 2020

Sweet Girl

Here she is! Nikki was a little shy, but settled in after doing a little house exploration.

She likes to look out the front window to make sure everything is cool. Notice her ears? She holds them straight up when she is concentrating.

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