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Foster Family

Friday November 8, 2019

I’m so excited!

I’m about to lose control and I know I like it! Guess what, folks! Are you guessing? I have a home visit tomorrow. You know what that means? Someone will find their forever family tomorrow. I’m crossing my toes. If I had a long tail I’d cross it too. Hmmm. I’m not sure that’s even possible. Where’s a rabbit’s foot when you need one?! Well I don’t need luck anyway. I’m beautiful. I do stairs, wood floors, and tile like I was born doing that. I also have a loud singing voice. What? Hmmmm. Foster mom says that’s a whine. But I only do it to be with my people and only when I know they are in the house and forgot to take me eith them. Who wants to be left behind?

Do did I mention that I’m a perfect lady with the very best of manners? Foster Mom says, “Stop exaggerating.” I need to keyboard so she can’t hear me. Okay, okay, so here’s the truth. I’m so happy and eager I MAYBE, sometimes have to go first and I try a lot of new things—even if they’re not mine! And if it smells good, I want it. Who wouldn’t? I crate perfectly but I really want a nice big cuddle ball of my own. I never whine when my people are gone. I just go to sleep. I would never ever potty in the house. I’m an early riser so my new family will get ALL the worms! I’ll make them so happy! I wag and hug and I make life more fun. I’m better than desert! Time to sleep now—no dark circles for me! Good night everyone. I’ll let you know if I come back to my foster home or if I’ve got a new family to love. Cross your paws for me!

Tuesday November 5, 2019

Good as I can be

Sometimes “I’m as good as I can be” means “Bless her heart. She’s trying.” In my case, it means about as good as you can ask for! I am so ready for my new family. I know “go potty”, “out of the kitchen”, “leave it, “No” and I come indoors when I’m called. My leg is almost ALL BETTER! I am almost ready to run with the other dogs. Foster mom wants me to be careful here so I am ready for fun with my forever family. I still like to counter surf so making sure I follow the “no kitchen” rule helps keep food safe from me. I admit I’m not a fan of that rule. I crate at night and when people leave but otherwise I take a nice comfy bed. I’m pretty confident so I could likely get used to being the only dog. I’m super sweet with other hounds, too, so I am a perfect addition to a family of hounds. I never chase the cats any more. I found out we have a “love-hate” relationship. I love him and he hates me! Well, not exactly hates me but every time I put my nose nearby to smell he spits and sometimes he slaps me. I run away—until next time. I love going places. Maybe I’ll go home with you?

Sunday November 3, 2019

It’s a sleepy morning

I’m so sleepy I went to bed with my eyes open. In case you’re new here, sleeping with your eyes open is a greyhound thing. It makes it important to call my name before touching me when I’m in bed. That way I won’t startle. I love lazy Sundays.

Have I mentioned I like toys?

And these toys.

The toy basket is empty. My job here is done.

Saturday November 2, 2019

What a Bummer

Foster mom woke up sick today. So she says we can’t come to 100 Oaks. I’m positive everyone would’ve loved me. This kinda’ stinks. There will be other adoptable dogs 100 Oaks. Of course, they won’t be me but I suppose they’re great too. Find me next Sunday at the meet and great.

Sadly yours, Dina.

Ps. Sorry if this isn’t as good as usual due to her sickness Ethan(me) took over for Carrie.

Friday November 1, 2019

Get ready . . . Here I come!

Get ready! Foster mom says I’m ready to meet my forever family so I’m shopping for one tomorrow, Sat 11/2. at 100 Oaks in Nashville. I’m so easy going that I’d be perfect for a first time adopter. Repeat adopters would appreciate how sweet I am with other hounds. I love everyone and I’m always happy. I will be even happier if I find my forever family tomorrow. So hurry. Come on now—come see about me!

Friday November 1, 2019

Mine vs. not mine

This is me, the dark red girl, ignoring both cats as they walk by. I figured it out—they are “not mine.” Now time to shake and squeak one of the 12 toys I carried to my crate during play time last night. They are “mine”. People food in the vicinity? That’s too tempting. If I can reach it, it’s ALL mine! I am learning to “Leave it” to please the nice people. But if no one says it, it’s mine, right?

Wednesday October 30, 2019

I’m your girl!

I’m Sardine but I answer to my nickname “Dina.” I’m so smart and easy going I would answer to anything! It’s a wonderful day to be retired! You may not know but there’s a thing called a Foster report card. Done, done, and done! Wood or tile floors? I don’t care! Toys? Love ‘em! Crate? Yeah. I love the door open but I sleep like a champ with the door closed until 530. I’ve had no potty accidents and I tell you when I need to go. More about me? Well, I love my reflection (gosh, I’m cute), food on the counter (for me? You shouldn’t have—left it out that is!), and the occasional game of “chase the cat” (she ran FIRST!). Foster mom is making me say, “even though I have a couple of bad habits. I’m easily correctable.” (Don’t tell her but she has a lot to learn about writing an exciting blog post!) If you’re ready to be adored, take me places, and add more smiles to your day, I may be your girl.

I don’t mind saying, I love everyone! And I wish my foster sister would stop photo bombing me. You should know, I’m still on leash walking so my leg can heal. Stay tuned for my amazing adventure into retirement land.

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