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Bart Morris
To Honor all the Hounds that this group has placed since we joined in 2001.

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Cathy & Bart Morris

Sunday May 23, 2021

Anything that is edible.....

Here she is determined to get the last bit of peanut butter out of this toy. She did.

Here she is eating chicken jerky.

And here she is eating a beef trachea, which is helping to clean her teeth.

Notice the emphasis on food? She was so skinny and hungry, but I think she has gained some weight this week. She goes to the Vet tomorrow to get checked out.

Wednesday May 19, 2021

Looking for Love

She is very calm and quiet, and loves to either be near you, or sleeping in her bed.

We went for a short walk, and although she didn't heel, she didn't pull. She wanted to sniff everything. Guess Nashville doesn't smell like Missouri.

She has no problem with slippery wood floors, jumps in and out of the car like on springs, does not counter surf, or get into my things.

I'm looking forward to when she really feels at home and plays with her toys and romps around. She doesn't need to be crated, she goes potty in the backyard or on a leash.

I love this little girl. She is the first foster I have had that really likes to look directly into your eyes... looking like she is asking you to love and care for her.

Tuesday May 18, 2021

I look like a bagel

She is adorable, but a little nervous.... she wants to be so good, and she is!

She is very thin and so we will be working hard to give her calorie dense high protein food. Thanks to Mardy for cooking up a special recipe for her. She acts like she is starving and it makes me feel great to be able to provide her with nutrition.

Tuesday May 18, 2021

Nashville Here I Come - Again

Here I am - starting my journey back to Nashville and search for a new home. It was a four-hour car ride from my previous home, but the dude who picked me up played lots of jazz on the radio, so we had a good time. I took a couple of good naps, and when we got here, I was wide awake and read for supper. I'm settling into my foster home just fine. I have to say, the cuisine is excellent.

Monday May 17, 2021

Interstate Travel

She arrived from Missouri wondering what was going on. She had been living in a family with four children and one other greyhound, and now she was in Nashville with only one adult.

She is living up to her name, she is a Sweetie Pie, but I often call her Sweet Pea, a favorite pet name of mine.

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