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Thursday July 7, 2016

Room with a View

Loopsy loves to look out the window. Sometimes it's to watch the squirrels. Other times, it's to admire her own reflection. This is a new twist on that as she decided just looking out the window wasn't enough and she climbed up on the chair to get a better view.

Loopsy's an independent, confident girl who carries toys around, takes direction and crates easily. In fact, she loves her crate, sometimes lounging in it during the day. She's waiting for a home where these and her other fine qualities will be appreciated.

Tuesday July 5, 2016

Independence Day

Loopsy had a terrific July 4. Who cares about the fireworks? Who cares about the thunder? All I care about is food and people. She had company — both two- and four-legged — for supper last night and did her best to entertain all who were there. She has such nice manners. Took only one mild correction to get her to move away from the table and lay down in a nearby bed.

But the best part of the day was standing outside under the porch umbrella supervising her foster dad's preparation of smoked pork. Nothing can make a dog smile like the smell of meat!

Saturday July 2, 2016

First M&G

This is a picture of an absolutely worn-out hound. She went to her first M&G today where she connected with other hounds and met lots of people, including some folks who are looking to chip.

She did beautifully, though it drove her crazy when other dogs were testing the squeakers in the toy aisle. She's pretty sure she'd like one of those TVs PetSmart installed that plays the the guinea pigs channel all the time. She thought the reptile channel was interesting but the action was too slow.

When she got home, she picked up these 2 new toys — Tractor Supply, $4.95 each with squeakers in their heads — and took them to her bed for a long nap. Good girl!

Thursday June 30, 2016

New Day, New Discovery

Curiosity isn't the exclusive purview of cats. Case in point, Loopsy and her endless desire to figure things out. She heard this crazy noise from the laundry room this morning. Of course, her biggest concern is that that's where the foster food is kept. She crept closer and closer with her ears up and her nose working overtime. When it was all over, it's doubtful she figured out this appliance, but certain she deterimined it was no danger to her sack of food or the bag of treats on the shelf. Life, she says, is all about priorities.

Wednesday June 29, 2016

Welcome, LaLaLoopsy

Former broody, LaLaLoopsy, has officially joined the GPAN pack and begun the search for a home. It was a long ride by way of the farm in Keota, Okla. and Memphis to Nashville, so she was understandably tuckered out when she arrived at her foster home.

She's settling in well, crates great and is getting along with the resident hounds. Jury's still out on her cat-i-tude, but we should have more info on that shortly. Next week, she's scheduled for a dental and spay. For now, the report is, her bloodwork is greyhound-normal, including testing heartworm negative. (Whew.)

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