Adoption Process

- All potential adopters must complete our application. Fill it out conveniently here online.
Upon submission, the application must be accompanied by a $50 deposit (if paying by PayPal, the deposit is $52 to cover processing fees). Applications submitted without the deposit will be held until the deposit is paid.

- Within about 10 days of the receipt of your application, we’ll email you. As a time for your home visit approaches we will schedule a phone interview. During the phone interview, we’ll answer questions and address the special needs of ex-racing dogs. We use this interview to gather information about you and your family and what you are looking for in a dog, what your schedule is, your preferences and any concerns that arise. A homevisit date may then be set.

- After the phone interview, we will use your application and information gathered to identify dogs that are suitable for your home.

Homevisit- To the homevisit we typically bring 2-3 dogs we believe will fit your home. The homevisit usually lasts two-three hours. During this time, the homevisit team will check the safety and suitability of your home and yard, assess the interactions between the family members and the hounds and monitor the meeting of any other pets. There will be time for questions, discuss the requirements of the dog you have selected and how to integrate it into your life. CLICK HERE TO READ IF YOUR HOUND COULD TALK.

- The adoption will be finalized at this time and the balance of the $300 adoption fee, which includes the deposit, is due. You will be asked to sign a contract that stipulates the terms under which you agree to care for your dog. This is a legally binding document that all involved must take seriously for the welfare of the dog to be guaranteed.

- A member of the homevisit team and/or the family that fostered your hound will contact you periodically to check in and answer questions. If at anytime after adoption, you have concerns, please contact the volunteer who did your homevisit (his/her business card can be found in the adoption information packet that was left) or call (615) 269-4088.

Note: If we decide we cannot place a dog with you, we will return your $50 deposit. However, if you decide against adoption during or after your homevisit, your deposit is forfeit.