Welcome to Greyhound Adoption

Welcome to Greyhound AdoptionBringing a greyhound into your home is a commitment and a decision to be carefully considered and researched. Adoptable greyhounds typically are three-four years old and can live to be 12-14. That means your hound could be a member of your family for 10 years or more. So take a realistic look at your life and consider where you’re likely to be next year, in five years or in seven years.

Some of our Requirements to adoption:

  • All members of the household must want to adopt a retired racing greyhound, and be present for the homevisit.
  • Retired GreyhoundRequired reading, available at the GPA/N Online Store: Adopting the Racing Greyhound or Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies and, if the applicant has children under 7 years, Child-Proofing Your Dog or Living with Kids and Dogs without Losing Your Mind must have been read, understood and taken seriously. The website The Family Dog provides valuable tips and information about helping dogs become successful members of their adopted families.
  • The commitment to keep a greyhound as an indoor, family companion only is agreed upon and understood.
  • Agreeing to keep your greyhound on leash or in a fully fenced area at all times.
  • Keeping up to date ID tags, including the tag provided by GPA/N, on your greyhound at all times.
  • Providing GPA/N with current contact information and allowing us to follow up regarding your greyhound's well-being, including an in-person visit, should GPA/N feel it is necessary.

Also read our "Things to Know" section

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