Greyhounds At Home

Racing Greyhounds at Home Because retired racers have never been pets or inside a home, each typically spends two-four weeks in a foster home where they begin the transition to being a pet and their temperament is assessed. Fosters help retired racers learn to adjust to their new lives and basic skills such as:

  • How to go up and down steps
  • Walk on slick floors
  • Improve leash-walking skills
  • Simple obedience commands such as wait, no and good.
  • Car riding
  • Not to run into glass doors and windows
  • Maintaining housebreaking
  • Living peacefully with other pets
  • Living with children
  • Not counter surfing
  • Reinforcing crate use
  • Staying off of furniture.

From Racer to Pet

Racing Greyhounds at HomeBecause greyhounds are eager to please, it takes only a day or two before a newly retired dog is successfully adapting to being a pet. Adopting families are encouraged to continue the work of a dog’s foster home. To reinforce good house-breaking, a newly adopted dog should be taken out every two hours for the first few days. In between, keep it in sight or in its crate at all times to prevent slip-ups.

Racing Greyhounds at HomeEven though the new retiree has learned the basics of being a pet in the foster home, they benefit from attentive management and new experiences, mixed with quiet time with family or in the crate. CLICK HERE to learn what adopted greyhounds would tell you if they could talk.

Support is There

Racing Greyhounds at HomeAs a new adopter, this transition is supported by frequent calls from the adoption team as well as your hound’s foster family.