Retired Racers Need Your Help


People save for retirement. But greyhounds aren't so lucky. It's why there's 401(Grey). It's a foster-dog sponsorship program that helps cover the cost of preparing retired racers for adoption. Download brochure

Our adoption fee rarely covers the total cost of veterinary services, food, monthly medications and other expenses associated with getting a hound ready for adoption. Also, more hounds eight and older are being returned. They require more vet care than new retirees and often wait longer for adoption.

401(Grey) provides an easy, convenient way to make a significant difference in the work of finding homes for retired racing greyhounds.

10 Reasons to Invest in a 401(Grey)

  • You can't foster but want to help adoptable dogs.
  • In memory of a pet or person who has died.
  • To commemorate a hound's birthday or gotcha day.
  • As a gift for someone who has everything.
  • To demonstrate your support for greyhound adoption.
  • To celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc.
  • A hound's racing or call name has special meaning for you.
  • The foster is a littermate or related to one of your dogs.
  • An adoptable hound tugs at your heartstrings, but you're not in a position to foster or adopt it.
  • It's the right thing to do. Just ask your hound.

Here's how 401(Grey) works:

  • Make either a $50 donation or sign up for monthly payroll deduction in whatever amount works for you.
  • Pick a foster dog to sponsor, or let us pick one for you.
  • Your name will appear with the hound's biography/photo on the Available Dogs page of our website.
  • You'll be acknowledged on our adopter Yahoo list, Facebook page, newsletter and at events.

Ready to be a 401(Grey) investor? Contact Mardy Fones,