Board Members

Terri Hedges - President | EMAIL TERRI | 615.477.8428
Terri and husband, Dave, were introduced to greyhounds in 1999 with Santana, & in 2005 with Zinny, Basil and Boston who are all at the Bridge. Their pack now includes River and Mr. Obvious. Terri has fostered since 2005, volunteers at Meet & Greets, picnics & Winter Gatherings and works gift wrapping fundraisers and direct mail projects for GPAN. She also performs home visits.

Pam Neiman - Treasurer | EMAIL PAM | 615.308.0688
Pam adopted her first greyhound, Fantasy Live, in 1992. She is a founding board member who handles GPA/N's financial affairs, fosters, does home visits, organizes hauls of dogs from our sister chapter GPA/EC in FL, helps with fundraising and keeps the database up to date. Additionally she volunteers extensively at Almost Home for Hounds, in Nunn, Colo.

John Pepper - Acting Secretary| EMAIL JOHN | 615.293.3659
John has greyhounds Kassa and Ricky Bobby and they are his first dogs (2009). He performs Home Visits and helps with dog acquisition. John manages GPA/N's website development and volunteers information technology services to GPA/Nashville, GPA Emerald Coast and Almost Home for Hounds.

Kent Hiday - Compliance Officer| EMAIL KENT | 615.866.8908
A greyhound owner since 1992, Kent fosters and helps at special events, does home visits and is a Meet and Greet regular. He is a volunteer at Almost Home for Hounds in Nunn, Colo.

Mardy Fones | EMAIL MARDY | 615.819.0896
Mardy works from home so she can be with her greyhounds, Cal and Reta, and a cat, Earl. With the help of husband, Ray, she does the GPA/N newsletter, GreytNews and the group's marketing, works Meet & Greets, fosters and is the general go-fer.

Todd Werner | EMAIL TODD | 615.339.6307
Todd and his family adopted their first greyhound in 2007 and currently have two hounds, Endeavor and Beat. A familiar face at GPAN-sponsored events where he frequently serves as photographer, Todd also coordinates and plans Meet and Greets, helps out with newly arriving adoptable dogs and assists with the planning and hosting of special events.

Carter Newton | EMAIL CARTER 615.974.3922
Carter and wife, Michelle, adopted their first greyhound, Sheila, whom they called "Sheila Ninetoes, Queen of the Known Universe" in 2010. After Sheila went to the Bridge, they adopted Honey Bee. A life-long dog owner, Carter fosters, works dog drops and is a lead at the Franklin Meet and Greet. He is creating a follow-up system to help new adopters and their hounds successfully integrate as a family.

Darrell Pitzer | EMAIL DARRELL 615.614.2313
Darrell and wife, Jan, adopted their first greyhound, Miko, in 1993. Since then, they have adopted 6 more greyhounds, and have worked with greyhound adoption groups in Louisiana, New Jersey, Texas, and now Tennessee. Their pack now consists of Jackson, Samantha, and honorary greyhound Patton, (a beagle).